Friday, December 09, 2005

just happened to past by,,,, hehe....

im here at our library for our research... whehehe.

we had our club meeting awhile ago and made our dummy sheet..

yun lang... waste of time talaga,,, and the choral fest is tomorrow na,,,

pray for us!!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Blue Periwinkle

…hi guys…

It’s been a long time since I wrote something here…. Well ok lang ang mga happenings ngayon…

For once… advent na which means Christmas Is round the corner na!! whohoo!! Boracay bound na ako… whohoo… ang saya!!!
And sa school gosh!! Ang daming extra curricular activities ngayon!! Shino-shorten period nga ang mga subjects to pave way for them like the lantern-making contest tapos choral fest then walk for a cause pa namen then operation joy and Christmas party shet!!!

Ang Christmas wish ko ay sana makapunta ako sa Disneyland Hongkong… or kahit sa hongkong lang!! may magbibigay pa ng pera sakin?? Haay… I long to shopped there…

And I really like this model ornussa cadness!! Shet!! She’s a goddess!! Ang ganda ganda niya!! And she’s just not sexy!! Toned pa ang kanyang mga muscles!! Perfect figure talaga siya!! Wow!!

I went to the paskuhan village last nov. 26 para sa annive celeb ng isang radio station and they featuring 3 bands namely hale, mymp and ofcourse!! SPONGECOLA!! Ganyan ang order of performance nila and yael’s guitar even lose a string haha!! Litte quirks,,, hehe…

And may special friend ako ngayon, actually crush ko siya!! Initials: NJ hehehe!!! Cute siya pwomise and he looked like the drummer of my fave band!! (Hamlet!)
This are two of my many favorite short love stories… so im sharing it with you guys,,, enjoy!! The salty coffee really touch my heart while the goft of love is simply love at it’s best form.. haaay!!! Love..
The Salty Coffee
He met her at a party. She was so outstanding, many guys chasing after her, while he was sonormal, nobody paid attention to him.
At the end of the party, he invited her to have coffee with him, she was surprised but due to being polite, she promised. They sat in a nice coffee shop, he was too nervous to say anything, she felt uncomfortable, and she thought to herself, "Please, let me go home..."
Suddenly he asked the waiter, "Would you please give me some salt? I'd like to put it in my coffee." Everybody stared at him, so strange! His face turned red but still, he put the salt in his coffee and drank it. She asked him curiously, "Why you have this hobby?" He replied, "When I was a little boy, I lived near the sea, I liked playing in the sea, I could feel the taste of the sea, just like the taste of the salty coffee. Now every time I have the salty coffee, I always think of my childhood, think of my hometown, I miss my hometown so much, I miss my parents who are still living there." While saying that tears filled his eyes. She was deeply touched. That's his true feeling, from the bottom of his heart. A man who can tell out his homesickness, he must be a man who loves home, cares about home, has responsibility of home... Then she also started to speak, spoke about her faraway hometown, her childhood, her family.
That was a really nice talk, also a beautiful beginning of their story. They continued to date. She found that actually he was a man who meets all her demands; he had tolerance, was kind hearted, warm, careful. He was such a good person but she almost missed him! Thanks to his salty coffee! Then the story was just like every beautiful love story, the princess married to the prince, and then they were living the happy life... And, every time she made coffee for him, she put some salt in the coffee, as she knew that's the way he liked it.
After 40 years, he passed away, left her a letter which said, "My dearest, please forgive me, forgive my whole life's lie. This was the only lie I said to you---the salty coffee. Remember the first time we dated? I was so nervous at that time, actually I wanted some sugar, but I said salt. It was hard for me to change so I just went ahead. I never thought that could be the start of our communication! I tried to tell you the truth many times in my life, but I was too afraid to do that, as I have promised not to lie to you for anything... Now I'm dying, I afraid of nothing so I tell you the truth, I don't like the salty coffee, what a strange bad taste... But I have had the salty coffee for my whole life! Since I knew you, I never feel sorry for anything I do for you. Having you with me is my biggest happiness for my whole life. If I can live for the second time, still want to know you and have you for my whole life, even though I have to drink the salty coffee again."
Her tears made the letter totally wet. Someday, someone asked her, "What's the taste of salty coffee?" She replied, "It's sweet."
Pass this to everyone because love is not to forget but to forgive, not to see but understand, not to hear but to listen, not to let go but HOLD ON!!!!
A Gift of Love
The passengers on the bus watched sympathetically as the attractive young woman with the white cane made her way carefully up the steps. She paid the driver and, using her hands to feel the location of the seats, walked down the aisle and found the seat he'd told her was empty. Then she settled in, placed her briefcase on her lap and rested her cane against her leg.
It had been a year since Susan, 34, became blind. Due to a medical misdiagnosis she had been rendered sightless, and she was suddenly thrown into a world of darkness, anger, frustration and self-pity. And all she had to cling to was her husband, Mark.
Mark was an Air Force officer and he loved Susan with all his heart. When she first lost her sight, he watched her sink into despair and was determined to help his wife gain the strength and confidence she needed to become independent again.
Finally, Susan felt ready to return to her job, but how would she get there? She used to take the bus, but was now too frightened to get around the city by herself. Mark volunteered to drive her to work each day, even though they worked at opposite ends of the city. At first, this comforted Susan, and fulfilled Mark's need to protect his sightless wife who was so insecure about performing the slightest task.
Soon, however, Mark realized the arrangement wasn't working. Susan is going to have to start taking the bus again, he admitted to himself. But she was still so fragile, so angry - how would she react? Just as he predicted, Susan was horrified at the idea of taking the bus again.
"I'm blind!", she responded bitterly. "How am I supposed to know where I am going? I feel like you're abandoning me."
Mark's heart broke to hear these words, but he knew what had to be done. He promised Susan that each morning and evening he would ride the bus with her, for as long as it took, until she got the hang of it. And that is exactly what happened. For two solid weeks, Mark, military uniform and all, accompanied Susan to and from work each day.
He taught her how to rely on her other senses, specifically her hearing, to determine where she was and how to adapt to her new environment. He helped her befriend the bus drivers who could watch out for her, and save her a seat.
Finally, Susan decided that she was ready to try the trip on her own. Monday morning arrived, and before she left, she threw her arms around Mark, her temporary bus-riding companion, her husband, and her best friend. Her eyes filled with tears of gratitude for his loyalty, his patience, And his love. She said good-bye, and for the first time, they went their separate ways. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... Each day on her own went perfectly, and Susan had never felt better. She was doing it! She was going to work all by herself.
On Friday morning, Susan took the bus to work as usual. As she was paying the fare to exit the bus, the driver said, "Boy, I sure do envy you." Susan wasn't sure if the driver was speaking to her or not. After all, who on earth would ever envy a blind woman who had struggled just to find the courage to live for the past year? Curious, she asked the driver, "Why do you say that you envy me?"
The driver responded, "It must feel good to be taken care of and protected like you are." Susan had no idea what the driver was talking about, and again asked, "What do you mean?"
The driver answered, "You know, every morning for the past week, a fine-looking gentleman in a military uniform has been standing across the corner watching you as you get off the bus. He makes sure you cross the street safely and he watches until you enter your office building.
Then he blows you a kiss, gives you a little salute and walks away. You are one lucky lady." Tears of happiness poured down Susan's cheeks. For although she couldn't physically see him, she had always felt Mark's presence. She was lucky, so lucky, for he had given her a gift more powerful than sight, a gift she didn't need to see to believe - the gift of love that can bring light where there is darkness.

Monday, November 28, 2005

>>>All about you<<<

Write 10 things people don’t know about you

Ø mabait akong tao
Ø payat ako date pero dahil sa katamaran ay naging healthy na
Ø I don’t know how to swim
Ø I wanna learn how to play the piano and drums
Ø I am mahiyain….sometimes
Ø Ang aking puso ay napakalambot at maawain
Ø Takot akong bumaksak sa school
Ø Gusto kong maging student council officer
Ø Mahal ko ang mom ko…aww
Ø I don’t smoke…I only drink

10 things you wish to be

Ø Pass acet and study in ateneo, if not UP would do…
Ø Enter the convent and be a nun
Ø Waitress sa resto
Ø Asawa ni yael
Ø Be a pilot
Ø Bill gates then steal all his money
Ø Angelina jolie and marry brad pitt
Ø Stripper in a nighclub
Ø Presidente ng pilipinas
Ø Top notcher sa bar exam

1o things you’re good at

Ø Writing essays/poems
Ø Reading
Ø Listening
Ø Talking for hours
Ø Spending hours at the mall
Ø Sleeping excessively
Ø Eating
Ø Play basketball
Ø Studying
Ø Shouting

10 foods you crave for

Ø Chocolates all kinds except chocobot!
Ø Cakes basta anything matamis
Ø Pasta
Ø Cookies
Ø Chicken
Ø Seafoods
Ø Pizza
Ø French fries
Ø Burger
Ø Isaw and tokneneng

10 persons you love

Ø Yael yuzon and the rest of spongecola
Ø Chad Michael Murray
Ø Bradd pitt
Ø Family
Ø Bestest friends (kim, mela, dane,kate)
Ø God
Ø Cousin ferge
Ø Charity, piety and psalms
Ø Friends
Ø Daddy

10 persons you wish to die

Ø Raphael
Ø Raphael
Ø Raphael
Ø Paulina
Ø Paulina
Ø Paulina
Ø Raphael and paulina
Ø Raphael and paulina
Ø Raphael and paulina
Ø Bad people

10 things to best describe you

Ø Mabait
Ø Kalog
Ø Di plastic
Ø Masayahin
Ø Mapangasar
Ø Madaldal as in super
Ø Sweet/malambing
Ø Mapanukso
Ø Honest
Ø Very pretty and charming! Hehe!

10 places to spot you

Ø Psalms (my classroom)
Ø Canteen
Ø My room in our house
Ø The kitchen…cooking hehe!
Ø The sala; watching tv and dvds
Ø Mall
Ø Library
Ø Bahay ni kim (bestfriend ko)
Ø Moviehouses
Ø Gigs and concerts
Oct. 31 2004
Pinoy big brother and love movies!!

Napanood ko kahapon yung Halloween special ng PBB, quite hilarious ha kasi si UMA super scared kay Frankie yung guest nila. Haha! Super terrified talaga siya and even SAM! Actually, all the boys were shocked when Frankie made his 1st appearance turns out, ang mabait niya..
Then sa radio awhile ago, I’ve heard that song sung by say and SAM!! Wow! Ang ganda nung song and it’s meaning. Astig naman oh sam!! Talented talaga… yun lang..

Nagtanong sakin ang friend ko kung anong movie ang magandang iwatch and pansin ko lang, lahat ay romantic movies… haayyy!! Love talaga!! eto yung list hehe… lang magawa sa cementeryo eh.
Love actually
A lot like love- Aston kutcher here is a winner!!
13 going 30- napakawacky nito!!!
a Cinderella story-I LOVE CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY!!!
Ella Enchanted
Princess diaries 1 2
Legally Blond 1 2
Sweet home alabama
The wedding date
Bridget Jones diary
Love story-one of the saddest love story ever
Charlie’s angels 2
Lizzie Maguire
Mean girls
Confessions of a teenage drama princess
Shall we dance?
Sassy girl
Windstruck-even though I watch it hundreds of time, I always end up in tears
My crazy love-super love ko rin toh!!
Freaky Friday
Nothing hill
My best friend’s wedding
Runaway bride
A walk to remember-iyak din ako ng iyak dito!
The notebook
Message in a bottle-I love it’s story. Everlasting love
Bend in a road
Jerry Maguire
Meet Joe Black-10 times ko ng napanood and counting!!
Serendipity -1st ever movie to make me cry.. galing!!
*All my life-parang a walk to remember..iniyakan ko toh!
*Nasaan ka man-wow!! Ganda ng story. Astig siya pwomise!!
*till there was you
*let the love begin-savior thingy hehe…
>>>Band names and stuffs
Haayyy... la na naman magawa...
Mangugulo lang..
Pinoy ako...pinoy tayo...
Dalandan orange and lemons...
Mas maganda yata kung ganon ang name nila?
And pupils.. iris, pupil and cornea?? Hehe..
Cueshe... q.c. hehe... rip off is the trend nowadays...
Bakit kaya??? Bute pa spongecola... orig talaga..
Astig and lakas!!
Ako kaya... if im gonna make a band...
Anong name??? hmm...
Siguro rip-off...
Or pirated ones...
Fruit salad kaya??
Pooh bear learns to rock??
Pooh bear meets grimace the milkshaker???
Elmo dyes his hair red kaya..
Stupid names... uhmm.. shit hirap pla magisip ng name...
Kainis!! Hmm....
Weird dapat pewo maangas...
Ewan. Zodiac psyche kaya?? Hmmm..
Parang angelpsyche... astig..
Yun nalang...hehe
“zodiac psyche” wheee...
but mas maganda yata yung “elmo dyes his hair red”..
dibah?? Parang astigan siya...
band name lang.. I just want a band
di naman kelangan tumutugtog eh!! Hehe
basta band lang,, yun na yun.
nakaraos din,,,, ang band members!!
Si Yael, Chris, Armo, Champ, Sheldon, Yosef, Conrad...
Jerome, Rico, Marc Abaya, Yanny, Ebe, Jal, bamboo, Nathan....
Sila.. haha!! Sama na si kitchie and Barbie!!
Whush—inaantok na talaga ako
putcha.. tulog na ako... inaantok ako dun ah...
kain muna.. gutom palah ako... hehe..
kaso walang laman ref. namen... haayyy...

“kahit anong gawin.. di mo parin pansin”- mymp
Im really letting go

Im really putting the past behind my back. No more regrets and angst. I would close the seemingly open door of yesterday to bring it the new-fangled flap of tomorrow. I would leave everything where they should be. All the memories shall be tucked in inside my heart never to be opened again. Im letting it all past away. It’s gonna take some time but I know I’ll be ok. I’m drying my eyes from these tears for the last time.
Nov. 14 2005
Salamander skin

~hello guys… wala parin dial tone ang phone namin so pre-written parin ang mga entry ko ditto hehe…. Wala lang… masaya ako ngayon :0 hehe…
~king lear! King lear!! Hail to psalm’s play.. whohooo…. Astig ang aming play yehey!!! Sana manalo then choral fest naman!! Go! Go! Go!
~Hale’s next single is a tear-jerker… whohoo… and the video was so simple yet so so… melancholy talaga….. haayy… galing!!
~Yael, sayid,,, nasa paskuhan village by the 26th weehee!!! Astig… looking forward to seeing armo gosh and chris syempre pati c yshmael.. hehe!!!
~a long time friend na di ko nakikita visited me sa school.. ang payat payat niya!! Grabeh and sabi niya miss na daw niya ako.,.. uuyy…. Haha!!! Initials?? ELVQ.. : )
~hi Sam!! I really like you, if ever you’re gonna read this ok?? Love you!!! Heehee!!
~everythings going on smoothly naman noh…. Hehe… preparing for the next issue ng cor-unum.,,, teehee!!! Haayy…
~ok palang masuspend sa school naming,,, mag ce-C.A.R.E ka haha!! Parang remedial program about your discipline… sa chapel ka lang the whole day with the nuns or teachers or the principal yakking at you…. Haay.,,,, naexperience ng friend ko eh pero graduate na daw siya… heeh…
~lapit na ang Christmas.. naamoy ko na… haay… boracay na!!
~yael’s birthday is sooo near na! advance happy birthday!!! Mwahugzz….
~im studying basic accounting ngayons…. Haaya… easy lang toh for the prelims kasi puro terms pero sa susunod,,, application na naku! Patay na!!
~bakit kaya ang saya saya ko ngayon??? Haay… siguro becoz im really good now and pati kay GOD din a nakakalimot, minsan minsan nalang.. wheheh.. pero super thankful ako for all the blessings na nabibigay sa kin… yun lang.. thanks god!!!

Nov. 02 2005

Ngayon ang araw (2 years ago) when I committed the worst mistake my life!!! Haha!!!
Anniversary namen ngayon ng aking walanghiya at walang kwetang EX- BOYFRIEND!!! So that makes it an ex-anniversary din. Naks,,, dapat 2 years na kami ng mokong hehe!! Actually, katuwa nga kasi di ko pa talaga naalala!! It was only when I was watching at studio 23 tapos may commercial na “all soul’s day today-nov. 02”
Ayun, naalala ko na!! haha!! Sana nga dina kasi wala rin kwenta tong araw na ito.
Do you know how did I celebrate it? Ganito, kumuha ako ng kandila na tira nung nagpunta kami sa sementeryo at mga tuyong bulaklak tsaka ako nagtirik ng kandila sa labas ng bahay namin. Dapat nga may picture siya para kumpleto na ang setting kaya lang wala akong picture niya nasa bestfriend ko lahat baka makulam ko pa eh!! So yun, tsaka ako nagdasal na sana sumalangit nawa ang kaluluwa niya (buhay pa siya ha-kaya bga nagdadasal ako) naku, whenever I remember this date, naiinis talaga ako kasi after that nawalan n ang peace ang life ko!! But then, ngayon wala na kami,, haayy salamat!
Haayy.. so yun!!! Wala lang shinare ko lang,gusto kong magbasketball!! Wala naman ditong bola. Naks puta!! Haaayyy…
Better sleep….

Haaayy… la na naman magawa dito. Kain.labas.nood.tulog.ligo.haaayyy…. haaayyy….

Nga pala, bakit ang skyway di umaabot sa sky?? At ang hamburger walang ham na palaman?? Pero pag nilagyan ng ham ito ay magiging ham sandwich na or ham and cheese. Bakit ganoon?? Ang hotdog bat hindi gawa sa aso? mayroon din bang coldpup?? Ang mga instant coffee, titimplahin mo parin.. Pano naging instant yun? Magpapakulo ka pa ng tubig at hahaluin diba?? Ang French fries, di naman galing ng french ah.Ang mga nagja-jaywalking bakit tumatakbo? Pagnanalo ka ng milyon bakit ka milyonaryo eh isang milyon lang yun diba? Ang gulo na talaga ng mundo. Tapos ang e-vat, Value added tax na nga, extended pa…. pano yun?? Labo.
Purple Wax

Ang ganda ng song na ito ng MYMP!!

“talaga naman...nakakalungkot...
kung kailan pa malapit na mahulog ang loob
saka ka lumisan, sa aking pagtulog”

I thought it was another cover(again) but then mali pala ako...
Eh kasi naman, feeling ko hindi sila sisikat if they won’t do cover songs!!!
Pansin niyo ba yun?? Palaging covers ang hit nila syempre for the mere fact na COVER na lang sila meaning sumikat na dateh and pinapaskit nalang ulet ngayon.
So ibig sabihin, yung song and gusto hindi sila hahaha!!! Joke.
Sad thing lang kasi na mas marami pa ang cover kaysa originals diba??
Mymp! Wake up!! Joke ulet. Love ko parin silah!!!
Watch tayo nov. 18 araneta--MYMP...BEST
Actually mas gusto ko yung originals nila like get me and talaga naman....
Sembreak ngayon. Walang magawa dahil umuulan
U—lan hahaha ha han... sinong di mapapasayaw sa ulannn—nnnn
Boring. Hi yael! Wala lang...
Sira pala ang aking fuckin’cellphone ngayon
And walang dialtone landphone namen. Naks puta
Happy birthday sa fwends ko na si Joan Abigail Dizon
And Dainelle Mae Cunanan.... psalms rock... as always!!
King lear play-no progress... bleep....
I wanna watch sassy girl-new tagalong ver. Para aintinjan keh!!
Nga pla... nov. 02’s coming. Rusty bitch.. 2 years since ng kamalasan ko...
Nov. 22 bday ni honey ko... wheyyy....
I wanna study in ateneo—anyone help?? Easy lang ba ACET??
Haaay.. life is boring.. as in talaga... totoo na ito!!
Nov. 17 2005

^guys, ang paranoid talaga ng nanay ko! Umuwi lang ako ng 9pm eh sobra na ang nerbyos sa kin! Eh ano ba ang pwedeng mangyari sakin ha? Sila pa ang sasaksakin ko eh! Kainis noh, feeling nila im too pa-girl not to be able to defend myself!! Huh!! Wrong term dudezz!
^harassed na talaga sa play, halos kalahati na ang nacut and still counting nyeta! Lahat ng pinaghirapan namen ay naputol or inalis,, huhu,,, wawa naman us sana worth it huhu!! And im playing a part pero minor lang siya… heeh… a pretty doctor.. yun lang 2 lines lang ang kanyang sasabihin heeh! But ok lang I have enough things to work out!
^di ko pa nakukuwento sa inyo guyz na I’ve met a very handsome chinoy… hehe… tsinitong meztiso na ang gwapo talaga… astigin!! He’s very fair and tall..athletic type and super uhm…bait! his real name is zhang qui-lun. English name is che zhang, nyan. Ang bait bait niya kahit ilang times ko plang siya nakakausap.
^something change sa isang friend ko, feeling ko iniiwasan niya ako for some reason? Bakit kaya? Hurt tuloy ako…
^nawala ang aking precious sim and di nakastore sa aking phone memory ang mga contacts ko.. oh well start all over again…. Shit naman..
^even my comb that I’ve been using since grade 4 nawala pero sana mahanap ko.. im lost without it!! Huhu…. It pains my heart na mawala yun….
^guys, sa pbb im sick of franzen na grabeh pla siya!! Bat ganun ugali nia?? Yuckers bute forced eviction na siya hahah!!!
^yael sports a sexier haircut sa una video… huuuhuu…. Celebrity cut na colored wow!
^im enjoying chemistry….saya siya….
^yael’s bday is sooooooooo near na!! wahaaaa,,,,,,
^ “with every breath im deeper into you yeah” –yael yuzon, crazy for you….

Nov. 11
Of pink swirling lollipops

*my niece, victoria... such an angel...
*ang cute ng title ko noh?? Wahaha!! Ala lang… cute siya yun lang
*tagal din na di ako nagsulat here… nagliwaliw ba heehee!!
*school is back…. Haaayy ang hirap ng balancing huhu!!! Chemistry is so hard na ha and first topic plang.. shit!!
*ay! My king lear pala is done na! final revisions nalang and the soundtrack wakeke!!! Ang saya and super fulfilled ang feeling for you to accomplish something like that..haayy.. and besides that im the scriptwriter, ako rin ang stage manager whaha.. but no idea kung ano ang work niya haayy.. sana maganda ang kalabasan… fingers crossed!!
*may tanong na naman ako… bakit ang fire exit for fire lang? wala bang fire entrance?? Para sa mga bumbero?? And ginagamit ba ang fire exit para sa mga taong nafa-fire sa work?? Hmmm…
*ang coffee break.. coffee lang ba ang pwedeng inumin?? Di pa pwedeng softdrink or mag merienda??
*hindi ko magets and ibig sabihin ng commercial ng pepsin a “there’s no sugar” kindly explain naman!! Pero natatakot ako for the person na nasa building ha… mean feat!!
*yael is so cute…. Yun lang miss ko spongecola wahaha!!
*pati si sam milby.. cutie pie.. sana Makita ko siya ng personal!! And yung sam concepcion ng little big star! Ang cute cute cute nia rin… very talented… haayy… :]
*kumain ako ng tobleron na ang expiration ay 09,2005… its nov. na ngayon… haay… sabagay.. ok lang.. chocolate parin yun.. sayang!!
*patapos na ang year…saya..sana umuwi na si daddy… bora!!!
*alam niyo kung di ako makapasa sa ateneo or di kaya ang budget… sa up nalang hehe.. mass communication or communication arts.. sana,,, pero its still god’s will..god.. ateneo/up.. kulitin ba??
*plastic people sucks.. kainis sila noh… shit! May their souls find eternity in hell
*geometry alam nio, eto lang yata ang branch ng math na magugustuhan ko,,, sana!! Teehee!!
*sana mamaintain ko na ang grades ko, if not mas mataas pa kaya im definitely studying up! Toast to that!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

nga pala mga peepz.. may poetry fest sa blog ko... hehe.. mga poems na originally done by me ,angelspsyche, heehee... got inspired by luis manzano’s blog.. he’s so galing kasi puro poems talaga yung blog niya. Ang ganda ganda!! Hehe... kaya eto si copy cat. Pakiusap sa mga titingin... akin ang mga toh. May copyright ang mga toh so bawal icopy paste ng walang permission gets?? Heheh.. enjoy lang.. peace out rock on!!


- - kanina sa mailing list ng spg, may tanong... ano nga ba si grimace?? Yung mascot?? Soo many theory rise. Yucky pa nga yung iba like he’s a tastebud.. hehe...kamote daw.. ube.. patatas and etcetera haay.. ANO NGA BA TALAGA SI GRIMACE?? Bespren daw ni Ronald or kapatid daw nia kaso abnormal. Ay ewan.. marami pa ngang iba na he loves milkshakes so much he’s willing to steal.. uuyy.... di a toh child friendly!!
- - eto pah yung M&M what does m stands for?? La lang intriguing??! Heheh..
- -basta masarap sa mcdo and m&m. ayus!
- - ala lang... I have nothing sensuous to do. I just finished reading the play “king lear” haay.... scriptwriter me for our play and I have no idea how to do it... like is it needed to put all the acts and scenes?? Im absolutely clueless like Alicia again. Haayy.... long and stressful work na naman toh nian. Sleepless nights whoohoo. I could actually smell it already,haayy... haayy talaga.
- - nga pla, asensado na ang fwendster ha... mukha ng myspace hehe... copydogs hihie.... aayusin ko plang yung sakin pag may time nyahahaha!!
- - uhm.. kakamiss ang school, chena!! Hehe... gusto kong mag e.k.! di ako sinama ni kim huhu... pano nandun c besfren... (g.y) hehe... di na nia ako lablab huhu... lapit nap ala berhday ni kim.. nov. 08 hehe.. lalang advance seo!! Whoa!
- - ang ganda ng version ni mark ng “I need you” mala angelic na ewan. Basta thumbs up!
- - I wanna see yael and chris and gosh and armo.. spg hehe.. haayy.. wanna see them!! pati si Conrad?? Boy elroy? And yanny? Pupil? Yeahbah!
- - ang cute ng cartoons dun sa studio 23 na bay break chibibo toons yun! hehe... camp green rocks.. and sugarfree wid “tulog” and “Makita kang muli” I think sa panday?? Hehe...
- - im hungry! Pewo ala pagkain here.. kung meron kau.. penge naman!! Huhuu...
- - lapet na Halloween!! Mwaahaaa... mag costume pa kaya akoh? Mukha naman kahit hindi eh pwede nah.. haha!!!
- - sana ang debut ko parang yung kay Bea Alonzo na Bea’s wildest dreams... heheh... that would be nice... gusto ko rin maging waitress hehe...

Love is in the air
Everything around me is beautiful and fair
Like the flying birds and soaring kites
The world around me is full of life

Whenever I see you
My beats oh so true
My love belongs only to you
I hope you feel the same way too

But im just a friend
Something that I can comprehend
Why don’t you feel the same way?
Is this some kind of joke or play?

Feelings free, feelings flown
My heart’s constantly being thrown
When would this misery end?
How long can my feeling fend?

Stop! I must be over this game
To keep myself fem being insane
Be gone now dear love
til we see each other, we part to meet again—

*haaay... poem na ewan ko ba... di naman ako naglet go of someone in the 1st place... nyek! Basta appreciate nio nalang ok?? Hehe.. para sa mga torpe na ayan tuloy... naunahan kayo!! Behlat senyo KUPAD nio kasi eh.. jokez... hehe... peace _//_


The night has fallen
Stars have come and risen
A feeling that’s so warm and true
Everything else so nice and blue
But what is this pretty night?
Without you here, right by my side
You used to be just so near
Holding me in when I fear
You have helped me shaped my dreams
Stitched in patches of broken seams
Why do you have to leave me alone?
Oh! Why have this angel suddenly flown?
As the night passes by
All the things I’ve done and tried
Streams of tears I’ve wept and cried
Still you go and left me aside
Maybe you never saw the truth in my eyes
Or the honesty behind those lies
For these are my simple ways
Of begging you to forever stay
I have kept this feeling for so long
Now it’s time for me to let it go
Deep inside, im shattered and broken
Feelings for you would just remain unspoken

*memories of being together that would last forever.
This was inspired actually by spongecola’s song neon. La lang share ko lang para sa mga taong torpe (still, still) ayan tuloy, naunahan kayo!! Tsk tsk tsk.. better try next tym.... whush!


When I was little
I stared sincerely into the sky
Snuggled deeply in my dreams
And have worked my fantasies out
This was the world for me
Or so I thought it was
It revolved around simple things
Simple leisure and pleasures
When I have grown
I now faced bleeding knees
Bruised egos and dirt-stricken face
Even tried running away from it all
For the world was so much diverse
Different in ways I have known
My world suddenly turned upside down
There you are in front of me
An image I once only dream
An angel landed beside me
A scenery much splendor to behold
Right there and there, I knew
It was with you I love most
I now knew what they meant by “love stops everything”
Yes, it was justified by you
Now that I’ve grown up
I still stare at the sky
Still trance endless dreams
But never alone again
Im with the angel that flown
Right here beside me
The seraph I’ve fallen in love with

**wala lang.. para sa lahat nalang nga mga baliw sa pag-ibig... crazy in love..

Last goodbye

Im sorry
For not telling you
Just the way I feel
For hiding you my emotions
Right there and there
I thought my heart was fooling me then
Or just being plain stupid
As I woke up one day
I came to realize
This is no tale or joke
But just as I expected
T’was to late
You weren’t there
You were out of reach
And as the cliché always say
Regret constantly arrives behind
As I start to let go
Feeling lost and empty
I now always think
What would happen
What could have been if...?
If I was with you
Then as for now
We’ll both go on from here
Someday, somehow
We’ll sort these things out
But until then..
I’ll give you one last goodbye

**haaayy... I love goodbye by nina fits this poem hehe,,, at least mas ok na yung situation sa video kaysa sa wala talaga diba??
I will be your sunshine
When the rain falls
I will be your moon
When the night calls
I will be there when you need me
Your besrfriend I will be
I will be your wings
When you feel like soaring high above
I will be your guts
When you’re feeling nuts
I will give you love and affection
When you need care and attention
I will be the wind
When you’ll be dreaming
I will be your laughter
When you’re full of anger
I will be your company
When things doesn’t fall in
I will be your candlelight
And you’ll feel alright
Together you and me
We shall always be...

*for my bestfriends who have been always there for me... from thin to healthy from happiness to kamuritan... thank god I found you ßkanta toh ah? Hihi!

My feelings for you my dear
Is one thing that I fear
No sweet words coming out
Even just a smile from your mouth

Though you don’t mind
As if I wasn’t there
You’re so blind not to see things
All I’ve done for you

But my heart also tires
With all these pain and cries
Now it’s time to let you go
For my love to be let flown
Till I feel my love had fade away

*basta silence na lang ok?? para sa mga nagmamahal pewo di pinapahalagahan... wawa naman kayo...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

In my profile, I have written there na I’ll let you people know who am I soon.

Heheh.. ngayon na ang time na yon, kasi wala akong magawa eh. So I decided to just tell you people about myself ok? Walang tatawa ha!!

Im Maria Jacqueline licup. Jacq nalang for short. I hate the maria thingy so cut it out ok? I am still in highschool. Well, my school is lousy so let’s just not mention it. Im average in height (dati, tall yan,,, kaya lang di na ako lumaki eh!) and healthy. Chena!!

Well, ang likes ko,, separate entry cia dito, yung “what im loving now” nandito naba yun?? Ewan ko, kung wala pa cige, I’ll just upload it harhar!! Next ang mga ayaw ko hmm... ayaw ko ng bad people. So lahat lahat ng masama ayaw ko. Plastic, liars, backstabbers, flirts and feeling are a no no for me. Besides those, I am allergic to dirty places and dust. I despise smokers since I don’t smoke. Lalo na ang mga drug-addicts and pushers!! Hmph! Hehe.. Ayaw ko rin ng mga morbid na scenes or events. Yuckie!!

I also like reading! Bookworm ako, certified! Any kinds of books would do and magazines or newspapers. Basta super basa me talaga. Hmm.. what else?? I like watching movies, suki na ako sa mga movie houses hehe... wala lang ewan ko ba ba’t hilig ko yun, eh ang gastos naman. Gusto ko sa mga movies romance-comedy or thriller-suspense or horror, yung talagang mapapasigaw ka! Whaaa!! Pati rin televisions, adik ako,, mga teleseryes and yung mga tipong lost, cia, oc charmed and hehe big brother!

Ang ugali ko is hmm.. pano nga ba? Mabait naman talaga ako by nature. Sa first impression, masungit daw and snobbish. Pero when you get to know me naman eh, im super friendly and makwento talaga! Magsasawa ka talaga!! Down to earth and no-nonsense ako! Im always happy so parang the people would get that positive boost with me. Pero pag ako galit or irritated, rascal talaga!! I don’t care who gets hurt basta I get upset. I am avengful at times depende sa circumstances. Basta in short masama akong magalit, yun na yun. I am also a just person. Basta I stand up for what I think is right and would fight for it. Amen!! Heheh....

Jeepney is playing at my speakers, galing talaga ni yael. Oh by the way, one more thing, im a tight fan of spongecola. Hehe... loyal supporter!! Cachi!! Whhhhhieee... support spongecola and “palabas”. Pati ateneo basketball team ha!! Go j.c. intal, Chris Tiu (he’s super cute parang baby!) and Mackie Escalona! Pati kay ex-atenean larry fonacier idol kita forever!! You’re the best talaga... always!! Hehe.. support ateneo.. and another sidewalk, im planning to go to ateneo for my college studies.. either to take up English literature like yael hehe.. or interdisciplinary studies like chris, the cutest drummer ever alive, majoring in lit. and communication or ABCommunications or European studies.. hirap mamili eh,, so baka nga 70% i.s. ako para marami ako itatake na iba ibang classes from different courses Hehe... sana makapasa and kayanin!! Yan, lunes na ang playing,, hehe!! Astig talaga ng mga boses nila whohooo..!

Yun na yun ha.. kilala nio na ako.. Zzzzzzz time for me.. Im sleepy na kasi pinagkanta na ako ni yael and chris eh.. haay,, virtuous voices talaga... zzzzzzz!!!

Floating in pink

Im super sad today. Ngayon ko lang narerealize gaano kapainful ang nangyari sakin and sa BerPs last oct. 14.

We were so close on reaching the top eh. Andun na talaga.. Just a matter of 2-4 points haay that hurts a lot. Ang sakit ng nangyari for me totoo lang. it’s like we’re on this very high cloud tapos napuff yung cloud and we all fell down... hard. It’s just so depressing talaga. I can’t believe na ganon lang talaga. Ang hirap tanggapin kasi eh, 3rd?? It’s really very disheartening on my part. Ok lang if im just a mere supporter of the team eh. I could very well accept the fact na talo na but no, I was not only a part of the team but I could have prevented it.

Now, Im feeling guilty about what happened. What if we just had worked harder??? If we just didn’t let them have the end of it? Would there have been a different outcome? Regrets and qualms are now making it’s way up on my heart and soul right now. Crushing and paining me. They are all questioning me what would have been if.

Ang sakit talaga!! Huhuhu... I feel like crying but no there’s no more room for that dahil tapos na. Wala na it’s all over and done with. All I could do is wallow and flounder in my grief and misery for god knows how long. Seriously, after the game, I felt like hot tears are ready to fall down and race down my cheeks. But I held them. I don’t want to cry just for a game. A game that could have been ours.

Haay,, wala lang. yun na yun. I won’t elaborate more kasi that would be like putting salt on the deep wound na eh. I just won’t think of the incident anymore so hindi ko narin maalala yung pakatalo namen. I still could help myself get over the angst. Haay... life talaga plays tough
I couldn’t resist writing down my adventures today for they are certainly once in a lifetime Lang!

Morning ang meeting time sa guard’s house. We were all there waiting for the service and were quite having fun already. We waited for a long time for the service and late na nga kami, eh wala pa ngang action!! Finally, dumating na and off we go. The ride was actually ok and all, nagtatawanan and joke.

We arrived there with the warning na “behave” and bago kami pumasok, nakita ko yung dating teacher sa school namen. She’s now a mrs. And sa SSC na siya. After that, Irene, a batchmate of ours was present there too. Ok, konting hi and hellos tapos pumasok na. a welcome address and chuva was prepared. Introductions then tapos break na and then contest proper na.

Punta kami ngayon ng 7-11. kumain, nagbasa at kwento na naman about anything lang. tapos balik sa site and nag-stay sa function hall nila na medyo uncivilized. Our coach then left us and 2 other members tapos pinalabas kami noh! Ok, sa labas review and play and chat. Naman medyo boring ang oras na ito then nagyaya c ian na mamasyal sa school. Nakakatawa ang mga bata sa school na yun. The rest of the contestants of that morning are sinalang na rin.

Lunch. Naiwan kami to wait for the unfinished ones. Present c diane, ian, jc and Kevin. Nagkabloopers si diane about kath mae na kapatid ni Kevin na napagkamalan na crush daw niya ni diane. Tapos si ruth ni jc na SSC narin pero sbi bigla ni ms. She, ang ganda ko raw, whus my bf? Syemps, sabi ko ay wala and thanks! Hehe.. may naliligaw ba?? Tipace daw, kainis noh tapos nagpasori pa c mam kasi did aw ako sumama sa 1st batch na naglunch. Aaaggr!! Then dumating na sina Leonard and Edmond, haayy... lunch na..

Tollhouse, well ok lang medyo picture picture and then kwento ulit. Kevin was making kulet to me na close daw and everything. He he!! Saya pala nila kausap neh.. kaloG tapos order na nad bloopers na naman kay diane. Cartoon talk with kev and diane. Eat and eat while watching Leonard hehe... tapose cr and everything. Makasora I jc neh, pagtripan na ku...

Back at work we are 45 mins. Let for the 1 hour lecture and ¼ lang ang naabutan ko noh!! Tapos nakaupo pa kami sa grade school neh. Haaay... tapos nadapa pa ako on the stairs since nag liit ng steps noh!! The contest was ok, I guess.. yoon. Sana ok lang cia...

Back on scene, boredom time! Walang magawa so talagang kung ano lang noh. Inisan and playing time and chit chat. Tapos yun, dumating na ulet c Leonard and ang ganda pla ng nose niah. Astig!! Cute niya talaga. Then may chess fans pa cna tipace and Edmond hehe. Tapos nakausap ko na rin ng medyo ok c Leonard heh... palagi ko siyang tinitigan eh~~ hehe... pati ciah tapos pinipicture pa ako and tinutukso noh. Ang ganda ren ng eyes niah!! Basta yun, hehe...glistering eyes talaga!! Hehehe... tapos dumating din c kevs tapos pinagtripan nila talaga ako noh!! Tapos naglaro kami ni ian ng mga stupid games talaga tapos si jc , ang sakit mamalo super!! Namanhid tapos talagang pinagtripan!! Hehe.. tapos pasa pasa pa ng ewan!! Haaay.... basta tapos sabi ng Leonard “ngayon lang kita nakausap” tapos sabi ko “ako rin hehe” talagang tinitignan niya ako. Wahaha!!! Saya koh. He’s making gestures pa like yung nakahanap ng model, yung square sa kamay hehe. Ang saya nilang kasama haay... makamiss napen eh!! Tapos kwentuhan with nico and ate ann. Saya and full of sense ang topics talaga!! We waited and waited and waited for so long talaga noh! Grabe talaga!! Ang dilim na sa labas!! Whoo!! Yun. Haay... tapos karating sa bahay, dinner sa diamond naman. Kasama pal c diane at tipace paguwi and kwentuhan parin. Di nauubusan hehe. Basta ang saya talaga noh and radio broadcasting na niyan, whoopee,,, misuh--

Well, here are the songs that can be included in my original soundtrack grant that my life be made into a full-length movie... feasibility not a pre-requisite ...
Uhm, pati narin yung what im listening to right now-nandito rin..
Yung mga songs sometimes remind me of something or I can relate to...
Others are classics, some are pop and everything else is in between... mwahugzz..

_Welcome to my life-simple plan
_shut up-“ ”
_break you-marion raven
_tulog na-sugarfree
_sandalan(?)-6 cyclemind
_moonriver-Frank Sinatra (lovers in paris?)
_your love- alamid
_especially for you-mymp
_eternal flame-“ ”
_hanggang ngayon-kyla
_till they take my heart away-“ ”
_fix you-coldplay
_i love you goodbye-Nina(I love the video)
_steep-“ ”
_a girl can dream-“ ”
_i need you-mark bautista
_i believe-jimmy bondoc(sassy girl movie)
_broken vow-gosh groban
_end of the road-boys to men
_water runs dry-“ ”
_broken sonnet-hale
_kahit pa-“ ”
_gemini-spongecola(Romeo and Juliet)
_neon-“ ”
_una-“ ”
_lunes-“ ”
_someday we’ll know- Mandy Moore(a walk to remember)
_ang ating araw-dicta license
_one last cry-Bryan McKnight
_i’ll do anything for love-meatloaf
_a thousand miles-Vanessa Carlton
_so yesterday-Hillary duff
_iris-goo goo dolls(city of angels)
_escape-Enrique iglesias
_this I promise you-n*sync
_don’t wanna miss a thing-aerosmith
_tonight, tonight-smashing pumpkins
_accidentally in love-counting crows (shrek2)
_you’ll be safe here-“ ”
_214-“ ”
_our lives-the calling
_wherever you will go-“ ”
_beautiful soul-Jesse McCartney
_breakaway- Kelly Clarkson
_baby it’s you-jojo
_karma-Alicia keys
_unbreakable-“ ”
_wake me up when sept. ends-american idiot
_boulevard of broken dreams-“ ”
_knockin’ on heaven’s door-avril lavigne
_my happy ending-“ ”
_why-“ ”
_how did you know-Gary v.(it makes me cry-huhu)
_runaway-the corrs
_like a rose-a1
_if you come back-blue
_swing swing-all american rejects
_dirty little secret-“ ”
_sway-?? (basta yung sa American pie)
_ted-hannah-parokya ni egdar
_careless whisper-?? (I forgot who sang it)

Cause life is a pleasure when you’re by my side
“what Im lovin’ now”

This is what im loving now...

I really like this song for it remind me of the beach, the sunny sky and sweet shakes..... Which reminds me that sem break is now on the corner... ha-ha!!!

i have nothin’ really to say or blog you know...
---so I’ll just enumerate the things im lovin’ now----

>>blush on-- I recently had re-discovered the value and art of this lifesaver!
>>sassy girl- - I love the movie and the series!!
>>opm music --hey it’s getting better everyday ha!!! What with the onset of bands and cool sounding lyrics minus the trashy whatever!!! Rock band rules
>>Hale--yeah no further explanation...
>>semestral break--I could actually smell it already... so I can rest naman..
>>harry potter book 6 --being a potterian.. I guess..
>>pinoy big brother- -come on... it’s really interesting....
>>vintage sneaks- - whush...
>>magazines-- for boredom killing time..
>>lip gloss- - shiny whacamacallit..
>>chemistry--hell yeah!! Flunkards rules...
>>spongecola-- I just love them period!!
>>yael and chris- - fave vocalist and drummer forever!!
>>champ and chino-- newest kilignation kow..
>>singing - - though tone deaf ako... wakeke!!
>>Nicholas sparks- - I uber love his books and all the movies made.
>>drums- - love their beats and sounds... pati yung stickzz...!
>>ateneo- - sana makapasa!! Chachi..
>>horror flicks- - whooohooo.... Halloween fest’
>>chocolate- - Cadbury and tobleron rockzz!
>>ice cream- - wow!! Fight the heat peepz...
>>mais con yelo-- yum yum...
>>chicken dishes- - greatest addict!
>>mall-- just a few more days and I’d be right home....
>>dangling earrings- - ang gandang tignan sa ears kow.
>>pictures- -of myself kasi super vain ako... wid friends din naman!!
What do I fear most???

But as the title implies.. what do I fear most?? Nothin’ much really...
- -see for yourself if they are real or plain crazy- -
àFailing grades-I think I don’t have to explain
àSnakes- no this is non-negotiable, period!
àCockroaches- I freak out if it’s anywhere near me or worst FLYING!!
àdeath- no, not mine but of those close to my heart
well speakin’ of death na rin,, I certainly don’t want to die by:
*being stabbed
*being poisoned
*being shot anywhere in the body
*being raped
*being run over by some ass car
*the chop-chop thingy
*some kind of sickness that would also make me look unsightly
In short the only two acceptable ways I can die is by
1. Old ripe age(mga 80-90)
2. Sleeping and never waking up again
àSpiders-especially the big hairy ones..
àBad people- self-explanatory
àGuns- they are a symbol of violence for me
àHeights- well not that much but I could timorous, nervy and stuff like when im up in high skyscrapers or Viking in enchanted kingdom.

I always had known myself as being the brave fearless girl who could conquer anything and everything thrown in her way. Boy, did after some serious crazy reflection and musing that Im no super girl (though I wish I could be) and im just like everyone else. We all have our own sets of fears and sorrows to be dealt with.
This sorrows and pains as we come to know it are what sets us apart as individuals, though basically identical situations arises, what differs are our reactions to it and how do we cope. Hmm.. this is the sagacity of being human right? Making mistakes and learning from them as we go along this path of life. Their might be many bumps and holes in the way but what would life be without this spices of life or so they are called? Dull. Blunt. Pointless. Yes, the safe road to be taken but what would that make you? Nothing.
We are born here in this dimension to take risk and hope. That is the essence of being human. In this world play it safers are losers while risk takers enjoys life and find the true selves, dreams and aspirations. Let the birds be a source of motivation for us. They fly everyday going to and from places without a single baggage with them except for their hope and free spirit. They completely trust the lord up high to provide for them and would never let them down.
Let us all be like the birds. Let as welcome life as it comes and along with it the risk, sorrows, pains and joys it would bring us. Let us completely trust the lord for he would(always) provide—

Green cards, hot chocolate and me..

How I wish time could be stopped so I could upturned it right there and there. Nevertheless, I guess there are some things that just can’t be conciliated. Im still in a tug of war whether to just swallow my parent’s plans and go with the flow or speak myself up and who knows, might change their plans and minds.

Well.. I had my medical examination just a few hours ago. I am really ranting not to go since I know what this thing is for ... and I don’t want to do it.
This and along with other countless things are the checklist before you could migrate to states. You have to accomplish this plus pass the interview and get yourself a visa. We already had our interview and are just waiting for the results. So while pitifully waiting my ‘rents said we should finish the other things still needed to be done. Sigh.

Amidst all this mayhem, I am really hoping that somehow this is just a tall story. I don’t want to go and live in other country other than here. Sounds crazy I guess cause everyone is dying to go there and stay for good. But for me, I don’t want to leave this place where I grew up. Yup, I know im being sappy and everything but that’s just the way it is. I picture myself staying here, finishing college, and working here in my home place. Sounds jingoistic?? Hehe! Basta! What I want is that I stay here and be with all my friend and people I have grown close to all my life. Holidays are ok but I cannot imagine myself going to a place where I literally don’t know anyone and starting all over again. That must be super and extra hard so im being a chick now cause I really don’t wanna go.

Leaving all the great and not so great things here would be horrendous for me since I have come to love every single pollution, jeepneys and traffics here in our country. I would miss fish balls, kikiam, mais con yelo, isaw and other street food here. The way the chickens crow in the morning, the barking of the dogs at strangers and watching the sunset in roxas blvd. with all the ships floating are the things that tugs at my heart and begs to stay.

I would definitely miss my friends and people whom I would be leaving. I still don’t know if im willing to sacrifice that for a new environment, tradition, culture and everything else new. Wow!! Im at odds at my possible choices since this is my life im talking about! Whatever my choice would affect and impinge on my life. The possibilities are all laid down now at my hand waiting for my final verdict. Well, would I?
Broken vases and forgotten dreams (excerpt)

let me share how my day went airborne,,,(oct.07 going oct.08)

At half past 12, I was sitting on my chair trying to memorize chemical whatnot for my test. Haay!! Bakit pa ang hirap ng charges and oxidation no.?? Im ranting again (still still) anyways, there I was the sole person still awake trying to get all the numbers up in my head. Then after a few more charges, I gave up and went to the kitchen for a snack. There was this mongo-ish bread there, which I found to be quite yummy!! So much for my gorge eating!!! Well...

Trying my luck again, I started on geometrical arrangement of atoms, which is easy. After this, I decided to get the much-needed rest. This is 2am. While trying to fall asleep, I have computed that I have less than 20 hours sleep since last week. Wow!! Did i pity myself!! Anyways.. I floated to dreamland after this,,, zzzzzzz!

Fast forward to 6am.. I woke up.. with 4 hours of sleep and heavy eyes full of lynching eyebags I made my way through the kitchen again!! To eat breakfast. While eating, taking a bath, making toothbrush and dressing up I was already cramming.. Crunch time!! Huhu!! I was trying to glue to my mind leftover bits and pieces of past discussions and lectures and whatchamacallit. Hmph!!

Fast forward sa school, ayan na ang gulo and everything!! All are doing some last minute reviews as if may papasok pa sa utak nila duh!!? Well noong nareceive ko na ang paper, I felt woozy what the heck di ko naman pinagaralan ang mga toh!! Packing shet talaga!! Wala man akong alam sagutan... ehehe,,, pero by the end of the test, hehe,,, I was one of the few who finished it actually... chachi!! Boy, one of the hardest test talaga!!!

We took a break and ate and chatted and everything. We just chilled out oblivious that we still have the test before lunch as this was just 9am. 10 minutes before my final destination hehe... I quickly glanced at my notes as a refresher hmm.... I hope I had helped me... not!! English was easy but I made erasures, which are a no-no in this weirdo teacher. Sigh- minus points... but nevertheless it was easy... hmm.. was it??

Yehey!! Free time!! Im free from the agony that has been ended and clean-cut.. whusy!! But it was short-lived as I was pissed off by a girl (boy din yata... I dunno!) as she was just fucking bitch!! That’s it well, I still had my own way paren.. huh!!
Goin’ to this mall as usual.. san pa ba?? We ate in the foodcourt... 1st time.. I had to admit.. nakakabusog pala here... eheh...then again the boy-gurl came into the picture and I was left with no choice.. frak! By myself but not alone... I walked along the endless floors of the mall until I just get tired. I have bought a thing or two... surprise! surprise!
Kaya yun.. mga 6pm nasa bahay na ako ulit.... hmmm.. lazy afternoon... hajik!! Hours and hours of walking would make you tired pala noh--?

*I got 72 out of the 100 points test... not bad at all

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

hello peepz...

just dropped by to....

--ay, wala lang... sembreak na!!! whoohooo...

yun lang,.... hehehe.... nasa library ako ngayon.... passing shit time
-----------sige till next time... wish me luck sa contest na sinalihan ko pero wala akong kaalaalam....

haaayy... like lost....


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hi people...

Wala lang wala me magawa eh,,,,
Just listening to as always disturbing music of my fave senti pop/alternapop/callthemwhatever band....
Haayyy.... I don’t understand myself,, I have so much thing to do yet here I am writing shitzz.... hmmm...
What’s new?? Anyways....
I really am despising someone right now.... that jerk/s... huh!!!
Anyways still.. im planning to lose weight....i hope that I can carry out my mission,,, huhuh.. pray for me please.. nee all the help I can get..

Why are rockers like that?? They have to be drunken and smokin’ before performing.... some kind of ritual?? Haayy.. kainis kasi eh.. parang basag yung mga voice nila... garadgad... sheezzz... they sucked when they do that!!! Hmmm.. anyways... still still...
im pondering over harry potter both the book 6 and the upcoming movie.. la lang,, I’ve read the book share ko lang... the movie... im excited to watch it na,, hmmm... sana may pera na ako...! wala bang mabait na tayo na magbibigay ng kahit one million lang??

I’ve watched dubai... hmmm... I just don’t get it... people are shedding real tears ha... naku,,, mali yata ang napasukan ko... well my mom forced me to go.... huhuhu.. yoon... they are all sniffing and puffing and wheezing as if to gulp me completely!!! Gosh!!! Actually, I like the movie for it’s setting,,, ang ganda pala ang dubai... I thought it’s just all sand and dunes.... but I love the sand dunes adventure... and the 7 star hotel(the only one in the whole wide world...) cute yung shape niya... and 0% and crime here.,, takot sa parusa!!! Wow!! Amazing,,, ang landscaped and mga streets nila,,,!!! That’s it I want to go to dubai.,,, hmm.. sana pero bawal ang pasaway doon eh.. baka makulong pa ako,. : ]

Test sa math... huhuh... I wished I could passed it and chem... why is it like that?? I find chem just ok and math as usual sooo hard though it’s fucking easy!!! Nyeta talaga oh!! Math never really loved meeehhh... except nung nursery years!!! Shitzzz!!! Think im scraping a D again... for dreadful!!!! Huhuh... gotta work harder na niyan.. 2nd sem round the corner... wuwaw!!!

Hmm.. share ko lang ha.. ang liit pala ni yael—he’s just 5’4 3/4 .. sabi niya don’t forget that three-fourth.. that means im taller by a fourth,, hehe.. chance mu.. but that’s ok.. cute pa rin siya and his kuya, yanny, he works pala as a writer sa goin’ bulilit.. heheh.. la lang share ko lang.. ang gwapo kasi nilang dalawa!!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Im here alone in my room...

The night wears on and is as still as my whatever.

I know I shouldn’t be senti- not now especially since im still to go out and watch big brother. Nina’s steep is playing on my mp3 so people would just forgive me for doin’ so. I chatted with an old friend of mine and talking to him had gave me some startling sayings and maxims and everything else in between. This thus, had somehow ignited an old flame. A feeling so long hidden and thought gone now marks its return (for the last time I hope!)
Dear Catherine, I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in so long. I feel I've been lost. No bearings, no compass. I kept crashing into things, a little crazy I guess. I've never been lost before. You were my true north. I could always steer for home when you were my home. Forgive me for being so angry when you left. I still think some mistake's been made and I'm waiting for God to take it back. But I'm doing better now. The work helps me. Most of all, you help me. You came into my dream last night with that smile of yours that always held me like a lover, rocked me like a child. All I remember from the dream is a feeling of peace. I woke up with that feeling and tried to keep it alive as long as I could. I'm writing to tell you that I'm on a journey toward that peace. And to tell you I'm sorry about so many things. I'm sorry I didn't take better care of you so that you never spent one minute being cold or scared or sick. I'm sorry I didn't try harder to find the words to tell you what I was feeling. I'm sorry I never fixed the screen door. I fixed it now. I'm sorry I ever fought with you. I'm sorry I didn't apologize more. I was too proud. I'm sorry I didn't bring you more compliments on everything you wore and every way you fixed your hair. I'm sorry I didn't hold on to you with so much strength that even God couldn't pull you away. All my love. G.
This letter would best describe what im feelin’ now. Sad, hurt and regretful-of the things that may or may not happen. People often tell me that we make our own destiny, our personal fate. Then why is it that I can’t make a justification out of it?? I did make a choice but I don’t think it’s a personal decision even a reason. Im drowning in all of my sadness. I want to find the answers but it doesn’t seem to come. Where did they all go?? I think I should have deserve something more than this-pain and misery. Do I deserve to be away from someone I once had so close- only now he’s too far to be reach?? Where did all the feeling go?? Why is it up to now that im waiting... still do but for what...? I dunno... im only just waiting... just waiting... why did it had to go when it was already here?? So near yet so far,,, oh how ironic life goes! How cruel does fate plays!
I know life always yields something for the better... that in everything it takes away, it gives something back. Im still waiting for that something, that better it would give me.
Im shedding tears now- I dunno. Life and love seem so blur from my eyes. Why is it so? Does anyone know the answer? Tell me this fight is worth it. Tell me it actually exists. My soul is bein’ teared apart and there is not a single thing I can do... my heart is weeping but what can I do?
Haayy.. I’ll just stay here.. drowning in my glass of water.. chachix!
tips and toes

>>>enough of the melodrama things 'round my site ok??

it's time for the real me to shine anyway...though i can't promise that there will be no more of those articles... or my dreamweavers,,,

i just visited SM well what's new??? i have almost memorized the arrangement of every shops present there since every saturday/sunday we go there. why?? wala lang... maybe just to relax and chill out- yeah that's it we spend about p100 for gas just chilling out. very practical right??
anyways, whenever go here, i always check what's their entertainment for the day... sometimes it's a art gallery chuva or a pre-finals beauty pageant or if im lucky... a very good looking star. Just my luck, do you know that the day spongecola was supposed to play, i miss it! darn too bad anyway, lots more of their gigs to watch for huh?? right?!

well after this, i rummage the hundred or so stores just looking at clothes. yes, just looking or sometimes for the fun of it trying it out- no strings attached ha!!! well if i find something worth my money- a bayo shirt or that mr. lee pants it would be taken in consideration still. sometimes, if i really have no money but in the mood to just buy something, the sm department store is the right place... having sales and discounts almost every month, this place is haven for the thrift-spender, if you get what i mean hehe!!!

then i also look for shoes, though i shop for it often. i only buy shoes when i need them and since my aunts and uncles live in state, i know just how to make lambing so i could get that cute skechers sandals!

beauty products are the second most frequently bought materials for me since im sooo vain but it doesn't show too much but really i am!!! all those bottles and bars and creams tales half my allowance away so i try to minimize my purchase until i get my aguinaldos!! that's still too far... huhuhuh!!!

its good if we already have our our "suki" already when buying our clothes (making tawad not included) cause we know they have what our a) budget can afford b) what really fits/suits us right?? same goes with accesories, shoes and even beauty products since as we all put it quality we can trust.

so as a little help, here's a little directory of my FVS (frequently visited shops/stores) with their field of specialty.... enjoy!!!

BAYO - for uber comfortable casual clothes; perfect for work-related happenings and events since most of it's pieces are in beige, cream browns etc. basically the formal kinds of clothes.

PETIT MONDE -this shop features the whole feminine psyche!! with it's warm and chic spaghetti straps to not-too-saccharine-but-sweet pastel colored skirts. it's perfect for all those who's girliness can help but overflow. the shops features also diffrent accesories so don't foget to check them up as well!

BENCH - androgynous would best describe this shop. featuring a wide range of basics to funky, this store infuses both the feminine and man elements in it's garments. it even extented it's market not only for clothes but also perfumes, hats and even sneakers. if you're the more casual laid-back type of person, this shop is made for you.

THE STORE WITH NO NAME -barely 3(?) years old, this experimental shop is perfect as it's name implies to those not afraid to go beyond the fundamentals. tentative but comfy with lots of cute thingmanjings to look at. their shirts are of something since they are more comfy 'nuff said to wear. duarable and made to last. hmmm... sounds like a commercial slogan.

FASHION 21 - this is actually a clothes store but i find their dresses way too kitsch but their make-up makes up for that. their line of cosmetics ranging from pressed powder to shimmering mascara as all so good you want to try every singel one!!! the thing is, they are a bit pricey but is totally worth it!!!

MR. LEE - who would not remember this perosn who gave us one of god's lifesavers??? mr. lee gives us everything and anything about pants. Regular cut, acid wash, bootleg or that extreme low-waist you wound'nt find anywhere else. plus their denims are so light, you won't be feel down by their weight. available also in every shopping haven so looking for that perfect pants shoundn't be too much of a problem!

PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE -if there's one shop i love because of their novelty, it would have to be pRp. since they produce only a small quantity of their merchandise, you woundn't worry walking down greenhills and coming face to face with a shirt exactly like yours. the store offers unique clothpieces hard to match with other's styles. so if you love individualism and eccentric styles, come home to pRp.

BATH AND BODY WORKS - the true domicile of beauty products!!! i just absolutely love it here!!! given the chance i would realy try all their things!!! i especially love those that comes in yummy flavors and fragrances. i literally pig out wheneveri enter their store to but their eveything!!! as in the enchilada and caboodle!!! hehe!!! im out of words for this shop, just visit and see for youself!!!

SM DEPT. STORE -as i've mentioned above, perfect for the thrift-spenders alike. though i can say that about 50% of their clothes are graded ok!! for me... dunno to you!! well, they also produce good (read: pwede na but...) pieces suitabe for every day living.,,

TOBY'S SPORTING GOODS -this shop as its names implies it will bring the house down with it's huge and complete sports paraphernalias(?). from basketballs to bikes and even sports clothes, toby's would sure provide the most suited gear fpr your chosen sport. it also sells shoes like sketchers and converse and even umbrellas, im not jokin'.. i love their variety here!! that's why i make it a point to go here always...

*i think that's all for now... im gonna be posting more of this soon ~~ what's new???m*a*s*h
what's in a title??

twinky tabs is the codename of my is so because twinky tabs is a fave store of mine where i just adore all their stuffy and cuddly bears,,, i wish i could but the lifesize bear... sigh - -

now our school paper have been out and wow!! i've seen my name as a byeline finally!!! after mga 2 years na ren... it really felt a sin happy and fulfilled talaga.... just seeing the people read it makes my heart skips a beat!!! talagang na appreciate ko na people are eager to lay their eyes on it... plus ako lang ang may article sa year level namen(excluding out one of the chief editors-hi ian!!) as in parang superior na ewan tapos samen yung special copy!! the white and pretty one ehheh!!! pero may alternations din!!! ok lang basta maganda ang cor-unum namen!! improving!!

i'm listening to spongecola at this moment well what's new and im now wondering what would be my title for next year's cor-unum syempz... senior editor na diba??? feeling eh!!! ehhehehe.... any ideas??? actually i have a lot but it's just so hard to choose... writer's dilemna becoz ofcourse that would be the title that you and i would be stuck with for the rest of the year till i finally go--huhuh!! it's so near!! more of this later... so there's twinky tabs for starters but it's so plain.. i want something powerful, captivating and would be able to attract any reader's precious attention. hmmm... butterfly thoughts??? hmm... still not so good... boundless??? hmm... going there... it's actually parang ok na pero something else in-depth.... ok... later nalang the title...
my column if ever given the chance would be not just all about life. i observed tha just every editor's page.. their column's would always be simply about life and it's mysteries and how apprenhensible it is nor the oh so familiar line "just everything under the sun"well. . i want mine to be diffrent. i would not simply talk or write for the matter but really go in-depth with it.. i want the readers to really relate with what i am writing and for them to feel not only my emotions, opinions and reactions but as well as their own. im going down a little deeper and each article ur gonna read focuses on an aspect of life. that's my goal and focus on this column.
schooling had been an evitable part of our young life and we all know how hard this young life have to be. all the school works would really make our eyebags shout and protest with agony whenever our due dates are near. im sure you're all familiar with the feeling since we all experince it!! living the student's life may be worst for some of us but if your going to ask me, schooling could be one heck of fun if we just know how to play our cards well. sounds crazy?? nope, it's actually just a matter of balancing and time management.
Im smitten again....

By who??


Never mind...

Im sure you’re all clueless like Alicia Silverstone...

It’s Reuben of Cueshé

>>> I had time to catch them live at their gig in party place last September 24.

>>>well I really hadn’t intended to go since wala akonh kasama and kung mayroon man-never the mind him noh...

>>> I arrived pretty late dahil tamad na ako talaga... but upon arriving the crowd was already cheering and I missed the 1st 2 songs... I guess..

>>> I was one of ther persons na nasa likod for obvious reasons so I really don’t have a good view but seeing from afar... I got kilignation(a drummer’s word) when reuben said hello to everyone and the other vocalist too.

>>>well they played 4 more songs and I just love “sorry” and it has a very meaningful sentiment especially to reuben... kilignation again and when I thought I and caught his tantalizing eyes... HE SMILED AT ME... gets?? HE SMILED AT ME!!! WHAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! Well I guess he should always smile ayt??? Anyways then they start thanking people you know ka-chenahan!! Ekek!! Wehehe...

>>>the night as it went on went pretty good actually, it was cold... brrr!!! Literally!! And they were people already tipsy from the drinks they can’t really consume noh! (I hate this peepz talaga!) I met some interesting guys but not really up to my standards... sayang talaga!!

>>> I went home around past midnight na,,, I wasn’t able to get a decent sleep again the next day since we have practice sessions for cheerleading huwaw!! Yun,,, I still up to this moment remember the thrill, kilignation and of course happiness for seeing cueshe... now I wanna see hale next... J
Hi people...

Wala lang wala me magawa eh,,,,
Just listening to as always disturbing music of my fave senti pop/alternapop/callthemwhatever band....
Haayyy.... I don’t understand myself,, I have so much thing to do yet here I am writing shitzz.... hmmm...
Cramming na naman bukas!!! What’s new?? Anyways....
I really am despising someone right now.... that jerk/s... huh!!!
Anyways still.. im planning to lose weight....i hope that I can carry out my mission,,, huhuh..

Why are rockers like that?? They have to be drunken and smoken before performing.... some kind of ritual?? Haayy.. kainis kasi eh.. parang basag yung mga voice nila... garadgad... sheezzz... they sucked when they do that!!! Hmmm.. anyways... still still...
im pondering over harry potter both the book 6 and the upcoming movie.. la lang,, I’ve read the book share ko lang... the movie... im excited to watch it na,, hmmm... sana may pera na ako...!!!!!!!!!

I’ve watched dubai... hmmm... I just don’t get it... people are shedding real tears ha... naku,,, mali yata ang napasukan ko... well my mom forced me to go.... huhuhu.. yoon... they are all sniffing and puffing as if to inhale me completely!!! Gosh!!!!!!!!!! Actually, I like the movie for it’s setting,,, ang ganda pal ang dubai... I thought it’s just all sand.... but I love the sand dunes adventure... and the 7 star hotel(the only one in the whole wide world...) cute yung shape niya... and 0% and crime here.,, takot sa parusa!!! Wow!! Amazing,,, ang landscaped and mga streets nila,,,!!! That’s it I want to go to dubai.,,,

Hmmm... twinky tabzz... hello... hope ur doin’ great!! Mwahugzz..misss na kitahhh.. whoohoho!!

Test sa math... huhuh... I wished I could passed it and chem... why is it like that?? I find chem just ok and math as usual sooo hard though it’s fucking easy!!! Nyeta talaga oh!! Math never really loved meeehhh... except nung nursery years!!! Shitzzz!!! Think im scraping a D again... for dreadful!!!! Huhuh... gotta work harder na niyan.. 2nd sem round the corner... wuwaw!!!

Gotta run the 8 mile now,, see yah wen I do--

Saturday, September 24, 2005

The fairy tale has ended...

The curtain has fall...

Awww... it is a very rainy nighttime and I could hear the rain splattering down our roof. The day you said goodnight is bein’ played in my Mp3. It has been a month since that eventful date has taken place. Actually there was really no exact date since that would mean ages ago, not just one or two months.

It all began with a bump. Up to this moment, I still have not decided whether that would be a lucky one for me. Anyway, yun nangayri na ang lahat ng nangyari but it wasn’t a smooth sail, a portent of the bigger and fright-er things to come. We’ll we all know that when you’re crazy, you just don’t think right... I guess that was exactly what happened to me..
But then I believe, I was doin’ the right thing.

Yes, happy moments did exist but like the way they come.. They easily go too. Just leaving me feeling a little sadder every time I would try to reminisce them. I want to keep these memories for this are the only things to remind me of what had transpired between the 2 of us but then keeping them would mean more hurt and hatred. These memoirs no matter how happy are not worth remembering anymore so I will leave it just like that.

That is until someone changes everything and anything. The someone are actually 2 persons who have helped me grow somehow into a better and mature person. They thought me everything from real friendship to letting go and moving on. The lessons I have learned with them would always be like a puzzle that completes my -no not my heart but my mind and life.. heheh!

They also helped me realize that what I feel for the 1st person above is not love though I have to learn it the hard way. The mere fact that I wasn’t willing anymore to try one more time means that it’s just never gonna work out. I try to be the good, true and perfect girl for him but sadly... I maybe too much or less for him... it’s not that we are always fighting but then we have this irreconcilable differences we can’t live without. We can’t hit neutral ground and therefore chose to stay away and/or walk away...

We have been together for almost 1 ¾ years, but then just counting the time that I really felt something for him would mean just a year or even less- the remaining months are void or nulled since technically, he’s not that special anymore to me. Maybe it’s because of fear, lack of courage or simply pity. Whichever reasons it will point out, one thing is certain- that my love has come and go now it’s time for the final bow-

The final months of our relationship, was something of a blur- a façade of lies and empty broken promises... a veneer of what was coming. I realize then that it was a match not made in heaven or hell; it’s just not really meant to be. I don’t know in how many more ways can I describe what happened to us in a more appropriate way since it would always include cutting and wounding words not only for him but for the few people who have played a major part in our lives.
Hurtful words have been said, a brazen act has to be done but finally... it’s all over. It’s just funny that I didn’t feel any sadness or pain.. Am I weird or crazy again??? Then maybe that I was already waiting for it for a very looong time since then pah... I am overshadowed by my wish that I don’t have any regret at all. It’s that way I can say that I have really move on- for bigger and better things in life. I can really say that I’m now ready for the next big event! I also dunno if im suppose to thank him for everything he once did for him- I dunno really. Im confused why does it has to end bitterly this way. Maybe this is just what fate has in store for us, to be separated for eternity. I really don’t mind... though going back with everything that has happened has somehow help me achieve the higher level of understanding and be emotionally wiser. He also taught me things I couldn’t possible knew lest I met him. I guess that’s something to be thankful for. Well but weighing things again, he had done me more hurt than help, given me more problems instead of lessening them so I’m getting back the thank you-.

Now, the fairy tale has ended,,,
The curtain has fall...
The play is over- and that’s the way it’s suppose to stay

My secret addiction that I can’t kick

Living in today’s modernized and digitalized world had made my lifestyle certainly better. What with the onset of the more decent and well-written movie screenplays, better sounding recordings and of course, more choices for night outs and gimmicks...

And definitely, one of the deconstructed arts today is our local rock music scene. It has definitely evolved from e-heads to rivermaya to bamboo as we have it today. Now sponge cola enters from here,,

I was lazily flipping the channels late one afternoon when MYX came on, there was this song being played. Right there and there I was captivated by the way he express the song and with the song itself, so passionate and sensual. Hmmm,,, thus then my craze for sponge cola and Yael Yuzon was born...

I had become a full pledged fan Ever since that day and went on to gather info about this local rock band. Sponge cola is composed of Yael Yuzon, doing the vocals and guitar, Gosh Dilay for bass, Armo strumming it with guitar and Chris Cantanda rocking it out on drums. All the guys are hailing from ateneo de manila university. The band was formed back then in their highschool years and it underwent changes until sponge cola emerged, as we know them today.

They had primarily released their EP entitled “spongcola” containing the songs: “lunes”, “jeepney”, “Saturn”, “a tear” and “cigarette”. The two vernacular songs were what captured their listeners alike. Then Sony music came to distribute their whole length album “PALABAS” with regards to their theatrical roots last Oct. 18 2004.

I just love hearing Yael’s voice belting out their originals like KLSP, NEON (which has a very meaningful lyric) and of course who would forget the song featuring the great tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, GEMINI. Their songs are mostly all about love and it’s contemporaries. (im listening to their songs as I write this-hehe!) His vocal range is also something being able to shift from mello to screamo!!! Ang unique pa ng sounds nila coming from all different influences. Galeng talaga then students pa sila so they are in some sense a role model for bein’ able to juggle studies with their passion. Wow! Talaga! Im really impressed with them and it seems that not even an inch of this is getting to their head- very modest indeed.

Definitely sponge cola is one of the most promising and hottest band in the local rock scene. They are the next big things or so as they would continue to charm everyone with their cool sounds and youthful energy.

I wish I could see them na in person cause I always seem to miss their gigs here in our place!!! ‘m looking forward to that!!! Heheh!!!

With this their magic has already worked for me - - haaayy!!!

Angel’s psyche....

Hmmm,,, im wondering why of all a thousand different names and monikers I have chosen angel’s psyche.....

Bakit nga ba???

First, I guess I want a new pen name for myself since Im tired of being blue_rosé. Ever since I’ve been exposed to the world wide web I’ve been using this name so I guess its time has expired na hehe,,, second is that to forget memories of the past, not all of them though just the one not worth remembering-more of this in my future blogs!. Since makeover is a way of forgetting be it people things or events I decided to renew my passport whahaa!!

Ok so really why angel’s psyche?? Am I an angel who is sent from up above?? Or someone who have fallen down from grace—I hope not!!
Angel... whenever I would here of this word would make me launch into my dream mode... masisisi ba ako??? This oh so mysterious beings are according to the friendly dictionary is a messenger “angelos” or a guardian... between the 2 definitions, im more of the latter or so I think... hehe!!! A guardian,,, protector or a shield...not only for other people but for me as well... I want to be an angel to myself and to the persons I love if they would just let me be one to them, to show them that I have one thing worth loving for-

PSYCHE- means spirit, the mind, soul... the mere essence of our life is psyche.. Everything around us is wanting and waiting for a part of us,, don’t you believe?? We people are living in this fast-paced world for us to be something-someone aren’t we? But do we have time for the simpler yet meaning-fuller life practices we’ve all outgrown now. The spirit would want to be free, to be able to soar into new heights and explore the whole horizon before it. Just like the wind we should give freedom to others so we ourselves would be able to achieve one. The essence of life is waiting for us to impart something and make a difference.

Now put them together for angel’s psyche. I am still to find out how this two would jive together so that’s something to look forward to. Heehaw!! Seriously speaking I think the angel’s spirit yearns to be free and be left to grow. It has to develop it’s own way of living, adapting and yes, growing. It has to be molded and formed in accordance to what destiny permits.The angel’s spirit wishes to have imparted something in the course of it’s life or journey. The journey which is the never ending mystery called life-