Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What do I fear most???

But as the title implies.. what do I fear most?? Nothin’ much really...
- -see for yourself if they are real or plain crazy- -
àFailing grades-I think I don’t have to explain
àSnakes- no this is non-negotiable, period!
àCockroaches- I freak out if it’s anywhere near me or worst FLYING!!
àdeath- no, not mine but of those close to my heart
well speakin’ of death na rin,, I certainly don’t want to die by:
*being stabbed
*being poisoned
*being shot anywhere in the body
*being raped
*being run over by some ass car
*the chop-chop thingy
*some kind of sickness that would also make me look unsightly
In short the only two acceptable ways I can die is by
1. Old ripe age(mga 80-90)
2. Sleeping and never waking up again
àSpiders-especially the big hairy ones..
àBad people- self-explanatory
àGuns- they are a symbol of violence for me
àHeights- well not that much but I could timorous, nervy and stuff like when im up in high skyscrapers or Viking in enchanted kingdom.

I always had known myself as being the brave fearless girl who could conquer anything and everything thrown in her way. Boy, did after some serious crazy reflection and musing that Im no super girl (though I wish I could be) and im just like everyone else. We all have our own sets of fears and sorrows to be dealt with.
This sorrows and pains as we come to know it are what sets us apart as individuals, though basically identical situations arises, what differs are our reactions to it and how do we cope. Hmm.. this is the sagacity of being human right? Making mistakes and learning from them as we go along this path of life. Their might be many bumps and holes in the way but what would life be without this spices of life or so they are called? Dull. Blunt. Pointless. Yes, the safe road to be taken but what would that make you? Nothing.
We are born here in this dimension to take risk and hope. That is the essence of being human. In this world play it safers are losers while risk takers enjoys life and find the true selves, dreams and aspirations. Let the birds be a source of motivation for us. They fly everyday going to and from places without a single baggage with them except for their hope and free spirit. They completely trust the lord up high to provide for them and would never let them down.
Let us all be like the birds. Let as welcome life as it comes and along with it the risk, sorrows, pains and joys it would bring us. Let us completely trust the lord for he would(always) provide—

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