Thursday, October 27, 2005


Love is in the air
Everything around me is beautiful and fair
Like the flying birds and soaring kites
The world around me is full of life

Whenever I see you
My beats oh so true
My love belongs only to you
I hope you feel the same way too

But im just a friend
Something that I can comprehend
Why don’t you feel the same way?
Is this some kind of joke or play?

Feelings free, feelings flown
My heart’s constantly being thrown
When would this misery end?
How long can my feeling fend?

Stop! I must be over this game
To keep myself fem being insane
Be gone now dear love
til we see each other, we part to meet again—

*haaay... poem na ewan ko ba... di naman ako naglet go of someone in the 1st place... nyek! Basta appreciate nio nalang ok?? Hehe.. para sa mga torpe na ayan tuloy... naunahan kayo!! Behlat senyo KUPAD nio kasi eh.. jokez... hehe... peace _//_


The night has fallen
Stars have come and risen
A feeling that’s so warm and true
Everything else so nice and blue
But what is this pretty night?
Without you here, right by my side
You used to be just so near
Holding me in when I fear
You have helped me shaped my dreams
Stitched in patches of broken seams
Why do you have to leave me alone?
Oh! Why have this angel suddenly flown?
As the night passes by
All the things I’ve done and tried
Streams of tears I’ve wept and cried
Still you go and left me aside
Maybe you never saw the truth in my eyes
Or the honesty behind those lies
For these are my simple ways
Of begging you to forever stay
I have kept this feeling for so long
Now it’s time for me to let it go
Deep inside, im shattered and broken
Feelings for you would just remain unspoken

*memories of being together that would last forever.
This was inspired actually by spongecola’s song neon. La lang share ko lang para sa mga taong torpe (still, still) ayan tuloy, naunahan kayo!! Tsk tsk tsk.. better try next tym.... whush!

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