Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cause life is a pleasure when you’re by my side
“what Im lovin’ now”

This is what im loving now...

I really like this song for it remind me of the beach, the sunny sky and sweet shakes..... Which reminds me that sem break is now on the corner... ha-ha!!!

i have nothin’ really to say or blog you know...
---so I’ll just enumerate the things im lovin’ now----

>>blush on-- I recently had re-discovered the value and art of this lifesaver!
>>sassy girl- - I love the movie and the series!!
>>opm music --hey it’s getting better everyday ha!!! What with the onset of bands and cool sounding lyrics minus the trashy whatever!!! Rock band rules
>>Hale--yeah no further explanation...
>>semestral break--I could actually smell it already... so I can rest naman..
>>harry potter book 6 --being a potterian.. I guess..
>>pinoy big brother- -come on... it’s really interesting....
>>vintage sneaks- - whush...
>>magazines-- for boredom killing time..
>>lip gloss- - shiny whacamacallit..
>>chemistry--hell yeah!! Flunkards rules...
>>spongecola-- I just love them period!!
>>yael and chris- - fave vocalist and drummer forever!!
>>champ and chino-- newest kilignation kow..
>>singing - - though tone deaf ako... wakeke!!
>>Nicholas sparks- - I uber love his books and all the movies made.
>>drums- - love their beats and sounds... pati yung stickzz...!
>>ateneo- - sana makapasa!! Chachi..
>>horror flicks- - whooohooo.... Halloween fest’
>>chocolate- - Cadbury and tobleron rockzz!
>>ice cream- - wow!! Fight the heat peepz...
>>mais con yelo-- yum yum...
>>chicken dishes- - greatest addict!
>>mall-- just a few more days and I’d be right home....
>>dangling earrings- - ang gandang tignan sa ears kow.
>>pictures- -of myself kasi super vain ako... wid friends din naman!!

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