Saturday, October 08, 2005

what's in a title??

twinky tabs is the codename of my is so because twinky tabs is a fave store of mine where i just adore all their stuffy and cuddly bears,,, i wish i could but the lifesize bear... sigh - -

now our school paper have been out and wow!! i've seen my name as a byeline finally!!! after mga 2 years na ren... it really felt a sin happy and fulfilled talaga.... just seeing the people read it makes my heart skips a beat!!! talagang na appreciate ko na people are eager to lay their eyes on it... plus ako lang ang may article sa year level namen(excluding out one of the chief editors-hi ian!!) as in parang superior na ewan tapos samen yung special copy!! the white and pretty one ehheh!!! pero may alternations din!!! ok lang basta maganda ang cor-unum namen!! improving!!

i'm listening to spongecola at this moment well what's new and im now wondering what would be my title for next year's cor-unum syempz... senior editor na diba??? feeling eh!!! ehhehehe.... any ideas??? actually i have a lot but it's just so hard to choose... writer's dilemna becoz ofcourse that would be the title that you and i would be stuck with for the rest of the year till i finally go--huhuh!! it's so near!! more of this later... so there's twinky tabs for starters but it's so plain.. i want something powerful, captivating and would be able to attract any reader's precious attention. hmmm... butterfly thoughts??? hmm... still not so good... boundless??? hmm... going there... it's actually parang ok na pero something else in-depth.... ok... later nalang the title...
my column if ever given the chance would be not just all about life. i observed tha just every editor's page.. their column's would always be simply about life and it's mysteries and how apprenhensible it is nor the oh so familiar line "just everything under the sun"well. . i want mine to be diffrent. i would not simply talk or write for the matter but really go in-depth with it.. i want the readers to really relate with what i am writing and for them to feel not only my emotions, opinions and reactions but as well as their own. im going down a little deeper and each article ur gonna read focuses on an aspect of life. that's my goal and focus on this column.
schooling had been an evitable part of our young life and we all know how hard this young life have to be. all the school works would really make our eyebags shout and protest with agony whenever our due dates are near. im sure you're all familiar with the feeling since we all experince it!! living the student's life may be worst for some of us but if your going to ask me, schooling could be one heck of fun if we just know how to play our cards well. sounds crazy?? nope, it's actually just a matter of balancing and time management.

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