Saturday, October 08, 2005

tips and toes

>>>enough of the melodrama things 'round my site ok??

it's time for the real me to shine anyway...though i can't promise that there will be no more of those articles... or my dreamweavers,,,

i just visited SM well what's new??? i have almost memorized the arrangement of every shops present there since every saturday/sunday we go there. why?? wala lang... maybe just to relax and chill out- yeah that's it we spend about p100 for gas just chilling out. very practical right??
anyways, whenever go here, i always check what's their entertainment for the day... sometimes it's a art gallery chuva or a pre-finals beauty pageant or if im lucky... a very good looking star. Just my luck, do you know that the day spongecola was supposed to play, i miss it! darn too bad anyway, lots more of their gigs to watch for huh?? right?!

well after this, i rummage the hundred or so stores just looking at clothes. yes, just looking or sometimes for the fun of it trying it out- no strings attached ha!!! well if i find something worth my money- a bayo shirt or that mr. lee pants it would be taken in consideration still. sometimes, if i really have no money but in the mood to just buy something, the sm department store is the right place... having sales and discounts almost every month, this place is haven for the thrift-spender, if you get what i mean hehe!!!

then i also look for shoes, though i shop for it often. i only buy shoes when i need them and since my aunts and uncles live in state, i know just how to make lambing so i could get that cute skechers sandals!

beauty products are the second most frequently bought materials for me since im sooo vain but it doesn't show too much but really i am!!! all those bottles and bars and creams tales half my allowance away so i try to minimize my purchase until i get my aguinaldos!! that's still too far... huhuhuh!!!

its good if we already have our our "suki" already when buying our clothes (making tawad not included) cause we know they have what our a) budget can afford b) what really fits/suits us right?? same goes with accesories, shoes and even beauty products since as we all put it quality we can trust.

so as a little help, here's a little directory of my FVS (frequently visited shops/stores) with their field of specialty.... enjoy!!!

BAYO - for uber comfortable casual clothes; perfect for work-related happenings and events since most of it's pieces are in beige, cream browns etc. basically the formal kinds of clothes.

PETIT MONDE -this shop features the whole feminine psyche!! with it's warm and chic spaghetti straps to not-too-saccharine-but-sweet pastel colored skirts. it's perfect for all those who's girliness can help but overflow. the shops features also diffrent accesories so don't foget to check them up as well!

BENCH - androgynous would best describe this shop. featuring a wide range of basics to funky, this store infuses both the feminine and man elements in it's garments. it even extented it's market not only for clothes but also perfumes, hats and even sneakers. if you're the more casual laid-back type of person, this shop is made for you.

THE STORE WITH NO NAME -barely 3(?) years old, this experimental shop is perfect as it's name implies to those not afraid to go beyond the fundamentals. tentative but comfy with lots of cute thingmanjings to look at. their shirts are of something since they are more comfy 'nuff said to wear. duarable and made to last. hmmm... sounds like a commercial slogan.

FASHION 21 - this is actually a clothes store but i find their dresses way too kitsch but their make-up makes up for that. their line of cosmetics ranging from pressed powder to shimmering mascara as all so good you want to try every singel one!!! the thing is, they are a bit pricey but is totally worth it!!!

MR. LEE - who would not remember this perosn who gave us one of god's lifesavers??? mr. lee gives us everything and anything about pants. Regular cut, acid wash, bootleg or that extreme low-waist you wound'nt find anywhere else. plus their denims are so light, you won't be feel down by their weight. available also in every shopping haven so looking for that perfect pants shoundn't be too much of a problem!

PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE -if there's one shop i love because of their novelty, it would have to be pRp. since they produce only a small quantity of their merchandise, you woundn't worry walking down greenhills and coming face to face with a shirt exactly like yours. the store offers unique clothpieces hard to match with other's styles. so if you love individualism and eccentric styles, come home to pRp.

BATH AND BODY WORKS - the true domicile of beauty products!!! i just absolutely love it here!!! given the chance i would realy try all their things!!! i especially love those that comes in yummy flavors and fragrances. i literally pig out wheneveri enter their store to but their eveything!!! as in the enchilada and caboodle!!! hehe!!! im out of words for this shop, just visit and see for youself!!!

SM DEPT. STORE -as i've mentioned above, perfect for the thrift-spenders alike. though i can say that about 50% of their clothes are graded ok!! for me... dunno to you!! well, they also produce good (read: pwede na but...) pieces suitabe for every day living.,,

TOBY'S SPORTING GOODS -this shop as its names implies it will bring the house down with it's huge and complete sports paraphernalias(?). from basketballs to bikes and even sports clothes, toby's would sure provide the most suited gear fpr your chosen sport. it also sells shoes like sketchers and converse and even umbrellas, im not jokin'.. i love their variety here!! that's why i make it a point to go here always...

*i think that's all for now... im gonna be posting more of this soon ~~ what's new???m*a*s*h

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