Friday, May 27, 2011

The Summer of All Summers
Many times in my life I have said “ This is the most unforgettable summer I ever had” that in the end, I lost all the special meaning all those summers had for each summer memory simply surpassed the last one that I had. But for once, I believe that the summer of 2011 would go down as one of the most unforgettable summers that I wouldn’t and yes, couldn’t forget. This summer will define the rest of my Life.

For starters, the first summer that I didn’t leave Pampanga (and didn’t stay much in there either) for I was in Manila most of the time for our review. YES REVIEW. The sole reason why summer 2011 would be excruciatingly remarkable. The time when we dragged ourselves out of our beds by 6:30 am (unforgivable sin if done in summer) and go home severely exhausted. The first time I skipped and missed ALL of the summer trips and outings.

The summer when I constantly see my classmates and friends when I thought that summer is A TIME to miss this people. Seriously, I am already nauseous of their faces and presence! I celebrated birthdays with people born in April and May for the first (and well, LAST) time and said goodbye to a few friends who are off to a new life somewhere else (Lara Loon and our halaan dance)

The summer when I wasn’t able to relax at all for I constantly study, motivate, remotivate, pressure, nagged, weep for myself for this Licensure exam. Every single day only has one single goal: STUDY AND TOP THE BOARDS. STUDY AND TOP THE BOARDS. STUDY AND TOP THE BOARDS. STUDY AND TOP THE BOARDS. STUDY AND TOP THE BOARDS. STUDY AND TOP THE BOARDS. (Repeat until fade, that is how I now fall asleep!)

This summer is my crossroad. If I managed to get through this ordeal alive (and I have no other option but to be alive), I say hello to a new life where maybe, just maybe God would finally grant me the courage to go what I wanted for a long time. I finally close my college life goodbye and move on. So whatever life I would take from now until the day when I see my name in the PRC BOARD announcing what placer I am in the NLE and even after that; 5.. 15.. 20.. 40 years and counting.. I will always attribute it to the summer of 2011. THE GREAT SUMMER OF 2011.