Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Broken vases and forgotten dreams (excerpt)

let me share how my day went airborne,,,(oct.07 going oct.08)

At half past 12, I was sitting on my chair trying to memorize chemical whatnot for my test. Haay!! Bakit pa ang hirap ng charges and oxidation no.?? Im ranting again (still still) anyways, there I was the sole person still awake trying to get all the numbers up in my head. Then after a few more charges, I gave up and went to the kitchen for a snack. There was this mongo-ish bread there, which I found to be quite yummy!! So much for my gorge eating!!! Well...

Trying my luck again, I started on geometrical arrangement of atoms, which is easy. After this, I decided to get the much-needed rest. This is 2am. While trying to fall asleep, I have computed that I have less than 20 hours sleep since last week. Wow!! Did i pity myself!! Anyways.. I floated to dreamland after this,,, zzzzzzz!

Fast forward to 6am.. I woke up.. with 4 hours of sleep and heavy eyes full of lynching eyebags I made my way through the kitchen again!! To eat breakfast. While eating, taking a bath, making toothbrush and dressing up I was already cramming.. Crunch time!! Huhu!! I was trying to glue to my mind leftover bits and pieces of past discussions and lectures and whatchamacallit. Hmph!!

Fast forward sa school, ayan na ang gulo and everything!! All are doing some last minute reviews as if may papasok pa sa utak nila duh!!? Well noong nareceive ko na ang paper, I felt woozy what the heck di ko naman pinagaralan ang mga toh!! Packing shet talaga!! Wala man akong alam sagutan... ehehe,,, pero by the end of the test, hehe,,, I was one of the few who finished it actually... chachi!! Boy, one of the hardest test talaga!!!

We took a break and ate and chatted and everything. We just chilled out oblivious that we still have the test before lunch as this was just 9am. 10 minutes before my final destination hehe... I quickly glanced at my notes as a refresher hmm.... I hope I had helped me... not!! English was easy but I made erasures, which are a no-no in this weirdo teacher. Sigh- minus points... but nevertheless it was easy... hmm.. was it??

Yehey!! Free time!! Im free from the agony that has been ended and clean-cut.. whusy!! But it was short-lived as I was pissed off by a girl (boy din yata... I dunno!) as she was just fucking bitch!! That’s it well, I still had my own way paren.. huh!!
Goin’ to this mall as usual.. san pa ba?? We ate in the foodcourt... 1st time.. I had to admit.. nakakabusog pala here... eheh...then again the boy-gurl came into the picture and I was left with no choice.. frak! By myself but not alone... I walked along the endless floors of the mall until I just get tired. I have bought a thing or two... surprise! surprise!
Kaya yun.. mga 6pm nasa bahay na ako ulit.... hmmm.. lazy afternoon... hajik!! Hours and hours of walking would make you tired pala noh--?

*I got 72 out of the 100 points test... not bad at all

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