Thursday, April 26, 2007


I was in Ust last Monday for our enrollment which was fast and easy. It was also cool since the enrollment sites were air-con (yahoo!). sad lang ako kasi I really want to take up ROTC kaso many had advised me not to take it since it’s hard daw. Hmpf! Well anyways, after that we went to the owwa office and had to take a jeepney! Haha. It was a long and bumpy ride! And We missed a turn and got lost. Pucha! Haha we were supposed to get off at Harrison-mabini but guess what? Napunta kaming mall of asia. Haha. So much for that, nakarating din naman kami :D and then wait wait and wait. Hai.. and then I was called to join my mom and it was so cold in my seat since a huge aircon was right infront of me! maybe have I stayed for a few minutes, I would have freezed. Haha. Edi yun,,, then my mom told me to go ahead na and asked if I already know how to go back, I said yes and I lied haha. So anyways, I rode a jeep and then yon,, travel travel travel until bigla nalang ako nagpara.. this is the stupid part of me since I actually know it’s a wrong stop and yet I got off. Ok so im lost na dito and decided I should tell mom, she asked me to look for a landmark daw,, edi yun I walked and walked and I saw a fountain na anchor ang main piece niya.. and then I went nearer and saw that the place pala was called “SEAMAN’S PARK” haha. Sobrang natawa ako dito! I remembered carlo tuloy :D and then mom said I should asked for directions na since she doesn’t know the hell where I was. Haha edi yon, when I was looking na for persons to asked, all I can see was men wearing pure white uniforms with something on their shoulders at mga naka semi na haircut. Naks, puro mga marines chuva lang ang present sa lugar. Haha I approach a kind-looking marine and asked for direction and he glady helped naman. Yahoo. Yun nakabalik din ako sa avenida :D now, was that coincidence na napunta ako don or miss ko lang yung tao na yun? Haha. :p

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Easter Wednesday everyone!

I missed texting! For almost a week now… I have not used my phone and I think its doing me great. I finally get to detach myself from it and regain my sanity which was lost during the schooldays with it.. nyahaha. Oh well, not being able to use also offered me solitude as the past week was holy week. I did a lot of thinking and reflection and I actually felt good about those things that I have come to realize. I just hope that whatever I had come up during that break will now be applied in my everyday life starting now.

My mission for the months April-May: lose unwanted weight!!!

Jogging every morning
Doing sit-ups every afternoon
Less food intake
Drink green tea

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New beginnings

I went to manila (dapitan street to be exact) to have an optical view or visit of my soon to be home for my college life. nyahaha. It’s called Santa Maria dormitory which houses girl borders lang. (too bad! Joke!) well, it ok naman… considering that when I go out of the dorm, I just have to cross the street and the ust gate is right there na.. saya diba? I will never be late for class again!! gonna share it with 5 other people who I hope are very kind and friendly pero the way that I see it naman when I was there, mukhang ok naman sila. Medyo magulo nga lang and makalat… well who cares.. when I come there, baka payatas dumpsite na nun yon! Haha. Yon. Haha im gonna transfer sometime late may or early june. I can’t still believe na finally, im gonna be away from my family and live away from them na!! huhuhu. Im gonna miss them and chikitingz too.