Wednesday, October 26, 2005

In my profile, I have written there na I’ll let you people know who am I soon.

Heheh.. ngayon na ang time na yon, kasi wala akong magawa eh. So I decided to just tell you people about myself ok? Walang tatawa ha!!

Im Maria Jacqueline licup. Jacq nalang for short. I hate the maria thingy so cut it out ok? I am still in highschool. Well, my school is lousy so let’s just not mention it. Im average in height (dati, tall yan,,, kaya lang di na ako lumaki eh!) and healthy. Chena!!

Well, ang likes ko,, separate entry cia dito, yung “what im loving now” nandito naba yun?? Ewan ko, kung wala pa cige, I’ll just upload it harhar!! Next ang mga ayaw ko hmm... ayaw ko ng bad people. So lahat lahat ng masama ayaw ko. Plastic, liars, backstabbers, flirts and feeling are a no no for me. Besides those, I am allergic to dirty places and dust. I despise smokers since I don’t smoke. Lalo na ang mga drug-addicts and pushers!! Hmph! Hehe.. Ayaw ko rin ng mga morbid na scenes or events. Yuckie!!

I also like reading! Bookworm ako, certified! Any kinds of books would do and magazines or newspapers. Basta super basa me talaga. Hmm.. what else?? I like watching movies, suki na ako sa mga movie houses hehe... wala lang ewan ko ba ba’t hilig ko yun, eh ang gastos naman. Gusto ko sa mga movies romance-comedy or thriller-suspense or horror, yung talagang mapapasigaw ka! Whaaa!! Pati rin televisions, adik ako,, mga teleseryes and yung mga tipong lost, cia, oc charmed and hehe big brother!

Ang ugali ko is hmm.. pano nga ba? Mabait naman talaga ako by nature. Sa first impression, masungit daw and snobbish. Pero when you get to know me naman eh, im super friendly and makwento talaga! Magsasawa ka talaga!! Down to earth and no-nonsense ako! Im always happy so parang the people would get that positive boost with me. Pero pag ako galit or irritated, rascal talaga!! I don’t care who gets hurt basta I get upset. I am avengful at times depende sa circumstances. Basta in short masama akong magalit, yun na yun. I am also a just person. Basta I stand up for what I think is right and would fight for it. Amen!! Heheh....

Jeepney is playing at my speakers, galing talaga ni yael. Oh by the way, one more thing, im a tight fan of spongecola. Hehe... loyal supporter!! Cachi!! Whhhhhieee... support spongecola and “palabas”. Pati ateneo basketball team ha!! Go j.c. intal, Chris Tiu (he’s super cute parang baby!) and Mackie Escalona! Pati kay ex-atenean larry fonacier idol kita forever!! You’re the best talaga... always!! Hehe.. support ateneo.. and another sidewalk, im planning to go to ateneo for my college studies.. either to take up English literature like yael hehe.. or interdisciplinary studies like chris, the cutest drummer ever alive, majoring in lit. and communication or ABCommunications or European studies.. hirap mamili eh,, so baka nga 70% i.s. ako para marami ako itatake na iba ibang classes from different courses Hehe... sana makapasa and kayanin!! Yan, lunes na ang playing,, hehe!! Astig talaga ng mga boses nila whohooo..!

Yun na yun ha.. kilala nio na ako.. Zzzzzzz time for me.. Im sleepy na kasi pinagkanta na ako ni yael and chris eh.. haay,, virtuous voices talaga... zzzzzzz!!!


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