Thursday, October 27, 2005

I will be your sunshine
When the rain falls
I will be your moon
When the night calls
I will be there when you need me
Your besrfriend I will be
I will be your wings
When you feel like soaring high above
I will be your guts
When you’re feeling nuts
I will give you love and affection
When you need care and attention
I will be the wind
When you’ll be dreaming
I will be your laughter
When you’re full of anger
I will be your company
When things doesn’t fall in
I will be your candlelight
And you’ll feel alright
Together you and me
We shall always be...

*for my bestfriends who have been always there for me... from thin to healthy from happiness to kamuritan... thank god I found you ├čkanta toh ah? Hihi!

My feelings for you my dear
Is one thing that I fear
No sweet words coming out
Even just a smile from your mouth

Though you don’t mind
As if I wasn’t there
You’re so blind not to see things
All I’ve done for you

But my heart also tires
With all these pain and cries
Now it’s time to let you go
For my love to be let flown
Till I feel my love had fade away

*basta silence na lang ok?? para sa mga nagmamahal pewo di pinapahalagahan... wawa naman kayo...

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