Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Floating in pink

Im super sad today. Ngayon ko lang narerealize gaano kapainful ang nangyari sakin and sa BerPs last oct. 14.

We were so close on reaching the top eh. Andun na talaga.. Just a matter of 2-4 points haay that hurts a lot. Ang sakit ng nangyari for me totoo lang. it’s like we’re on this very high cloud tapos napuff yung cloud and we all fell down... hard. It’s just so depressing talaga. I can’t believe na ganon lang talaga. Ang hirap tanggapin kasi eh, 3rd?? It’s really very disheartening on my part. Ok lang if im just a mere supporter of the team eh. I could very well accept the fact na talo na but no, I was not only a part of the team but I could have prevented it.

Now, Im feeling guilty about what happened. What if we just had worked harder??? If we just didn’t let them have the end of it? Would there have been a different outcome? Regrets and qualms are now making it’s way up on my heart and soul right now. Crushing and paining me. They are all questioning me what would have been if.

Ang sakit talaga!! Huhuhu... I feel like crying but no there’s no more room for that dahil tapos na. Wala na it’s all over and done with. All I could do is wallow and flounder in my grief and misery for god knows how long. Seriously, after the game, I felt like hot tears are ready to fall down and race down my cheeks. But I held them. I don’t want to cry just for a game. A game that could have been ours.

Haay,, wala lang. yun na yun. I won’t elaborate more kasi that would be like putting salt on the deep wound na eh. I just won’t think of the incident anymore so hindi ko narin maalala yung pakatalo namen. I still could help myself get over the angst. Haay... life talaga plays tough

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