Saturday, September 24, 2005

My secret addiction that I can’t kick

Living in today’s modernized and digitalized world had made my lifestyle certainly better. What with the onset of the more decent and well-written movie screenplays, better sounding recordings and of course, more choices for night outs and gimmicks...

And definitely, one of the deconstructed arts today is our local rock music scene. It has definitely evolved from e-heads to rivermaya to bamboo as we have it today. Now sponge cola enters from here,,

I was lazily flipping the channels late one afternoon when MYX came on, there was this song being played. Right there and there I was captivated by the way he express the song and with the song itself, so passionate and sensual. Hmmm,,, thus then my craze for sponge cola and Yael Yuzon was born...

I had become a full pledged fan Ever since that day and went on to gather info about this local rock band. Sponge cola is composed of Yael Yuzon, doing the vocals and guitar, Gosh Dilay for bass, Armo strumming it with guitar and Chris Cantanda rocking it out on drums. All the guys are hailing from ateneo de manila university. The band was formed back then in their highschool years and it underwent changes until sponge cola emerged, as we know them today.

They had primarily released their EP entitled “spongcola” containing the songs: “lunes”, “jeepney”, “Saturn”, “a tear” and “cigarette”. The two vernacular songs were what captured their listeners alike. Then Sony music came to distribute their whole length album “PALABAS” with regards to their theatrical roots last Oct. 18 2004.

I just love hearing Yael’s voice belting out their originals like KLSP, NEON (which has a very meaningful lyric) and of course who would forget the song featuring the great tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, GEMINI. Their songs are mostly all about love and it’s contemporaries. (im listening to their songs as I write this-hehe!) His vocal range is also something being able to shift from mello to screamo!!! Ang unique pa ng sounds nila coming from all different influences. Galeng talaga then students pa sila so they are in some sense a role model for bein’ able to juggle studies with their passion. Wow! Talaga! Im really impressed with them and it seems that not even an inch of this is getting to their head- very modest indeed.

Definitely sponge cola is one of the most promising and hottest band in the local rock scene. They are the next big things or so as they would continue to charm everyone with their cool sounds and youthful energy.

I wish I could see them na in person cause I always seem to miss their gigs here in our place!!! ‘m looking forward to that!!! Heheh!!!

With this their magic has already worked for me - - haaayy!!!

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