Saturday, September 24, 2005

Angel’s psyche....

Hmmm,,, im wondering why of all a thousand different names and monikers I have chosen angel’s psyche.....

Bakit nga ba???

First, I guess I want a new pen name for myself since Im tired of being blue_rosé. Ever since I’ve been exposed to the world wide web I’ve been using this name so I guess its time has expired na hehe,,, second is that to forget memories of the past, not all of them though just the one not worth remembering-more of this in my future blogs!. Since makeover is a way of forgetting be it people things or events I decided to renew my passport whahaa!!

Ok so really why angel’s psyche?? Am I an angel who is sent from up above?? Or someone who have fallen down from grace—I hope not!!
Angel... whenever I would here of this word would make me launch into my dream mode... masisisi ba ako??? This oh so mysterious beings are according to the friendly dictionary is a messenger “angelos” or a guardian... between the 2 definitions, im more of the latter or so I think... hehe!!! A guardian,,, protector or a shield...not only for other people but for me as well... I want to be an angel to myself and to the persons I love if they would just let me be one to them, to show them that I have one thing worth loving for-

PSYCHE- means spirit, the mind, soul... the mere essence of our life is psyche.. Everything around us is wanting and waiting for a part of us,, don’t you believe?? We people are living in this fast-paced world for us to be something-someone aren’t we? But do we have time for the simpler yet meaning-fuller life practices we’ve all outgrown now. The spirit would want to be free, to be able to soar into new heights and explore the whole horizon before it. Just like the wind we should give freedom to others so we ourselves would be able to achieve one. The essence of life is waiting for us to impart something and make a difference.

Now put them together for angel’s psyche. I am still to find out how this two would jive together so that’s something to look forward to. Heehaw!! Seriously speaking I think the angel’s spirit yearns to be free and be left to grow. It has to develop it’s own way of living, adapting and yes, growing. It has to be molded and formed in accordance to what destiny permits.The angel’s spirit wishes to have imparted something in the course of it’s life or journey. The journey which is the never ending mystery called life-

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