Thursday, June 29, 2006

*kinikilig ako*

one afternoon

HIM: “yes Jackie”
(I hate being called Jackie since it connotes sugary sweet image)
ME: (I didn’t say anything rather look at his almond shaped eyes)
HIM: “you don’t like Jackie?”
ME: “no po..”
HIM: “bat ayaw mo ng Jackie?”
ME: heheh…. (I simply smiled and he returned it naman!!)

And still one afternoon

HIM: “Jackie..”
ME: (looks up to him and gives him the same cute look) haha am I flirting here??
CLASSMATES: “whhhhhhhhoooooooooooyyyyyyy” haha
HIM: “ayaw mo ng Jackie? Gusto ko ang Jackie eh!”
ME: “ows talaga?? damn! Ako din… I like you!!!!!!!!” (of course, sa isip ko lang ito!)


para sa iyo!! Jackie na lang!! haha… ano ba ito??

Crazy jacq. Pheww..

Thursday, June 22, 2006

jacq_licup: pangetodie_pineda_2002: the nun!
jacq_licup: haha excited na ako!
odie_pineda_2002: read my status! bwahahaha
odie_pineda_2002's status is now "I don't know which is more stupid... This message or YOU reading it !!!! Bwahahaha ". (6/19/2006 5:51 PM)

jacq_licup: syempre ang mas stupid
jacq_licup: ikaw
odie_pineda_2002: dalawa lang ang choices ah!
jacq_licup: ah 2 lang ba?
odie_pineda_2002: kadiri ang baho sa lugar namin!
odie_pineda_2002: mag-aaply ka ba sa ateneo?
jacq_licup: ako ateneo?
jacq_licup: di na kailangan
jacq_licup: honorary member ako dun!
odie_pineda_2002: bkit?
jacq_licup: magaling ako..
jacq_licup: sa sobrang galing ako
odie_pineda_2002: ??????
jacq_licup: pasado na ako dunjacq_licup: magpaparty pa sila dahil na isipan kong magpunta dun
odie_pineda_2002: wow!
jacq_licup: haha
jacq_licup: woww nyeta
odie_pineda_2002: UST?
jacq_licup: oo may dinner ako dun
odie_pineda_2002: haha...
odie_pineda_2002: di ka mag-aaply dun?
jacq_licup: dun din... kulet mat dinner nga ako eh
odie_pineda_2002: meron na yatang application...
jacq_licup: oh?
jacq_licup: really?
jacq_licup: oooooooohhhhhhhh
odie_pineda_2002: download lang yata e... di ako sure... titingnan ko muna...
jacq_licup: oo kung dw meron
jacq_licup: duetsgndkq
jacq_licup: odie!!!!!!!
odie_pineda_2002: punyemas! bakit di sila nagu-update???!!!! 2005 pa yung year e!
odie_pineda_2002: tignan mo nga to...
odie_pineda_2002: tymout...
jacq_licup: oo matagal na yan
jacq_licup: hhahaaaa
odie_pineda_2002: anong ginagamit mong version para sa y.m mo?
jacq_licup: eh?
jacq_licup: ewan.........
jacq_licup: version ni jacq lagu
odie_pineda_2002: update mo naman para makapagsend ako ng files
jacq_licup: eh?
jacq_licup: di ko lam pano?
jacq_licup: hhaha
jacq_licup: im a dumb
odie_pineda_2002: punta ka sa yahoo... tpos download mo dun yung bagong YM... iclick mo yung YM dun sa taas
jacq_licup: eh tamad po
odie_pineda_2002: para naman kasing ang daming clicks no!
jacq_licup: eh basta ano ba sesend mo?
odie_pineda_2002: yung application form sa ust
jacq_licup: eh bakit pa?
jacq_licup: pag print mo nalang ako
odie_pineda_2002: eh... nagtopak na naman printer ko~!
jacq_licup: hah save mo tas paprint naten!
odie_pineda_2002: k fijne
jacq_licup: haha
jacq_licup: naku walang sense
jacq_licup: hehe visit mo the nun website
odie_pineda_2002: cnong patron saint mo?
jacq_licup: ikaw nga eh!
jacq_licup: makulet ka!
jacq_licup: ur so stupid
jacq_licup: hhehe
odie_pineda_2002: ???????
jacq_licup: di ko kilala patrones ko
odie_pineda_2002: kailan b-day mo?
jacq_licup: march 14 nyeta sandali
odie_pineda_2002: dali.
odie_pineda_2002: wow naman puro natural causes ang kamatayan ng lahat ng patron saints mo
jacq_licup: ano?
jacq_licup: haha like?
jacq_licup: dali mag lologout na ako
odie_pineda_2002: illness... st.matilda,
odie_pineda_2002: basta puro natural maliban sa martyrs of Valeria
jacq_licup: that better be good cge una na po ako! mwah
jacq_licup: see yah! godoric
jacq_licup: mwah!
odie_pineda_2002: bye
odie_pineda_2002: (@)

hentaigod_van: pssst
jacq_licup: ?
hentaigod_van: pssst
hentaigod_van: cno ka?
jacq_licup: who are u
hentaigod_van: who are u
hentaigod_van: lol im van
jacq_licup: van hu?
hentaigod_van: van dont remember me?
jacq_licup: no
hentaigod_van: you hurt my feelings jacq
jacq_licup: im sori but i really don't
hentaigod_van: how bout carlo?
hentaigod_van: V
jacq_licup: magno?
jacq_licup: oh sori !
hentaigod_van: lol
jacq_licup: naku naman i didn't realize it was u!
jacq_licup: akala ko some mean freak na nakikipagewan!
hentaigod_van: hehe
hentaigod_van: ahh
hentaigod_van: lol
jacq_licup: hoy madaling araw pa !
hentaigod_van: sup jacq
jacq_licup: bat gising ka?
hentaigod_van: la lang
hentaigod_van: lol
jacq_licup: haha
jacq_licup: bakit nga?
hentaigod_van: di ako antok e...
jacq_licup: nakatulog kana?
hentaigod_van: yup
hentaigod_van: caffeinated pako
hentaigod_van: LOL
hentaigod_van: sup jacq?!
jacq_licup: mabute school sucks
jacq_licup: haha
hentaigod_van: oh? kit nman?
jacq_licup: ofcourse
jacq_licup: kelan ba hindi?
hentaigod_van: well, when you hang out and stuff
jacq_licup: i guess
jacq_licup: no when we hang out
jacq_licup: usually for projects and stuff then
hentaigod_van: ah
hentaigod_van: are you kidding? wlng lakwatsa?
hentaigod_van: lol
hentaigod_van: hoy gcng ka pa ba?
hentaigod_van: lol
jacq_licup: oo
jacq_licup: haha didnt see that!
jacq_licup: 6 dito
hentaigod_van: gabi right
jacq_licup: almost haha
hentaigod_van: ah...
hentaigod_van: i hear its hot there now
jacq_licup: totally as in putek
jacq_licup: well what's new
hentaigod_van: well uuwi ako...
hentaigod_van: u know that right
hentaigod_van: lol
jacq_licup: kelan pala?
hentaigod_van: hopefully july...
jacq_licup: tas? ul go to skul
hentaigod_van: of course
jacq_licup: hfa?
hentaigod_van: of course!
jacq_licup: ur late na nun?
jacq_licup: alam ba ng skul?
hentaigod_van: im late a year and 1 month LOL
hentaigod_van: yup
jacq_licup: ha??? explain
hentaigod_van: late ako kac 3rd yr ako...tpos late ako ng 1 moth kac july pko
jacq_licup: pano un?
hentaigod_van: baka kac hindi icocount ung year ko d2 kaya baka babalik akong 3rd year...
jacq_licup: ah oo ganun nga yung mangyayari
jacq_licup: wil they still accept u?
hentaigod_van: yes
jacq_licup: oh? bat alam mo?
hentaigod_van: tinanong na ng pengari ko...
jacq_licup: oh wow galing
hentaigod_van: ????......???!
jacq_licup: coolness
jacq_licup: hahha
hentaigod_van: whats up w/ u?
jacq_licup: me like what kind of up
hentaigod_van: high...
hentaigod_van: lol
jacq_licup: haha
jacq_licup: im ok
jacq_licup: faaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
hentaigod_van: really?
jacq_licup: kinda but not really
hentaigod_van: pic?
hentaigod_van: may pic ka?
jacq_licup: there oh
jacq_licup: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>>.
hentaigod_van: cant see
jacq_licup: oh?
hentaigod_van: IM BLIND!
jacq_licup: haha
hentaigod_van: still cant see
jacq_licup: sus umuwi ka nalang
jacq_licup: the n u shall see
hentaigod_van: ?~~~?~~?~~(????)!
jacq_licup: why/.]
hentaigod_van: miss ko na
jacq_licup: ang?.
hentaigod_van: PINAS! anu pa ba!
hentaigod_van: LOL
jacq_licup: haha soru
jacq_licup: sori
jacq_licup: di malinaw eh
hentaigod_van: joke lang kaw naman
jacq_licup: haha ssurey]
hentaigod_van: huh?
jacq_licup: haha wla noh bat kasi july pa?
hentaigod_van: ewan ko nga eh...pinatatagl tlga nyang green card na yan...
hentaigod_van: alangya
jacq_licup: ha/.
jacq_licup: u have one na?
jacq_licup: that fsssssssssst
hentaigod_van: wla pa po
jacq_licup: ah okiesssssssss hehe
jacq_licup: dito ka magcocollege?
hentaigod_van: maybe...
jacq_licup: hhee wer/.
hentaigod_van: iono...san ung nursing? LOL
jacq_licup: ust
jacq_licup: hgaha
hentaigod_van: ah....
hentaigod_van: ust nlng
hentaigod_van: lol
jacq_licup: lol ka jan
hentaigod_van: anu ba ung lol
jacq_licup: laugh out loud goodness
hentaigod_van: goodness...mmmm
jacq_licup: haha
hentaigod_van: mmmmmm
jacq_licup: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
hentaigod_van: ok......................................
jacq_licup: hahha anong ok/
hentaigod_van: lol
hentaigod_van: wla po ^_^
jacq_licup: haha ok
hentaigod_van: so anung gngwa mo ngaun?
jacq_licup: surf
jacq_licup: bidy surf
jacq_licup: haha
hentaigod_van: bidy?
jacq_licup: body
jacq_licup: hahahaha
hentaigod_van: ah
hentaigod_van: body surf?!
jacq_licup: opo
hentaigod_van: anu po un?
jacq_licup: body sufing
jacq_licup: you move and stuffs hahahha
hentaigod_van: ok...parang maganda yan ah
hentaigod_van: moving...mmm
jacq_licup: yup yup
hentaigod_van: wlang lakad?
jacq_licup: wala im place lang
hentaigod_van: ah
jacq_licup: haha got to go na dinner tym!
jacq_licup: il see yah ok?
jacq_licup: mwahugs
hentaigod_van: oh cge
hentaigod_van: mwahugs rin
hentaigod_van: wag ka pataba lol
jacq_licup: i miss ur face like that devil!
hentaigod_van: ?????..........(???)
jacq_licup: ikaw din yan! miss yah!
hentaigod_van: everyone mises me
hentaigod_van: lol
jacq_licup: course
jacq_licup: cge~!
hentaigod_van: bye!
jacq_licup: oo na! hhaa
jacq_licup: ikaw talaga!
hentaigod_van: lol
hentaigod_van: kain ka na!
jacq_licup: oo na haha
jacq_licup: oo na haha
hentaigod_van: alis jan
hentaigod_van: lol joke
jacq_licup: bye na!

this are ym messages with two of my favorite people... they might seem useless and crazy but i still love them to bits.

the blank spaces would mean happy or whatever emo icon!!
Once upon a time when it was economics class, there was little jacq, hopelessly staring at her econ teacher and at the same time very happy because her day went super well!! (haha in between upcat and math works) but then...

the nasty librarian visited us and said that liitle jacq has to come to the principal's office with her calculator. little jacq was very sad and at the same time nervous! what the hell is going on!!

in between doubts and uncertainty little jacq went there and peeking at the small windows sge saw 2 unwanted unknown persons!!! those persons you prefer seeing dead and agonizing! what the hell are they doing here in her school? the nerve and thickness of face!

anyways she didn't mind them and went inside anyway and guess what???

the people looking for little jacq are the same as those waiting outside for her!!

what a cruel pathetic lame bait for her to have~

so she did the next big thing *******tooot******** (im sorry, just too personal to be retold,,, she stills get angry and tear eyed when i remember it)

and so little jacq went on her way, never looking back.............

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy birthday brother kylerz!!!

Sa economics class namin ngayong araw na ito ay lumabas ang mga salitang “pokpokers” “nagbebenta ng laman” (natawa ako dito) “nagpapagalaw” at “resibo para sa mga kumuha ng serbisyo ng mga prostutuite” (natawa ulit ako dito). Obviously eh eco nga, mga problem ang ating bansang lubos na minamahal at patuloy na naghihirap. Phew what’s new?!

Gusto kong ikuwento sa inyo still from econ class na may classmate ako na kaibigan ko rin at kaaway din pala na nagreport. Actually 2 sila kaso nasasapawan ni classmate friend yung isa as in siya na lang talaga ang sumagot lahat haha talaga tas pagkatapos ata umiyak si nasapawan tas sabi nalang niya eh “sir hug!” (everyone laughs) medyo may hitsura si sir eh! Matalino pa haha.. para sakin maganda lang ang mata niya at mukhang mabait as in sobra!! Hehe…
Balik pala kay classmate friend, hindi lang pala sa econ siya madaldal ngayon, nakikipagdebate siya sa teacher namen sa morality tungkol sa love. Act of man ba o human act ah basta ganon noh. Pano naman kasi eh ganun ang situation ni friend kaya ganun. Understanding nalang.

Nababaliw ako sa pag rerecall ng mga pinagreview ko sa protech. Whaa kainis paano ako papasa? Filipino lang semplang na ano pa sa aking most favorite n MATH!!!!!!!! WHARFFF… myyyyyy and submissions of UPCAT are due in two weeks and yet hindi ko pa rin alam ang ilalagay kong 1st or 2nd choice sa school- diliman or manila or EVEN WORST! What course to fill in that four empty spaces that would forever change my life and would seal my fate and be doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pahabol…. I love my teachers this 4th year… all magaling and all pero masyado atang nag rub off yung fact na we are the BEST SECTION dahil sa hindi na sila nagtuturo ng maayos. EXAMPLE: may lesson ang sasabihin turn your book to page 9999 tas discuss among yourself the topic tas after sone time may pasasagutin ng mga exercises tas tatanungin kung gets tas yun na. kung di gets daw raise your questions and saka lang mag eexplain! Tama ba yun???? Haaayy… pano naman ang katulad kong average jane lang?! haha plastic!! Hehe

Oh siya sige babush na!!! ewan baliw na talaga ako. Kokey love yah!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

this is a fasssssst post

school is here and we are starting lessons on it's second day. im seated no, sandwiched between 2 student council officers, a very meek girl (i felt as if touching her would make her break) and a familiar face but nevertheless un close aquaintance! did i spell that correctly?

so there! and im busy too arranging paper stuff for college. oh so tiring! hehe..

and last i think one of my uer close friend is being drawn away from me and for that i feel


Monday, June 05, 2006

School days are here again!

Finished school supplies shopping with ate daisy and mom. Nakakita ako ng uber cute na notebook worth p75 kaya lang it’s so small no lecture in it’s right mind would fit in there so ginawa ko nalang siyang assignment notebook slash organizer. Now nung nakita ko yung receipt ng mga pinamili, I found out na ang cute notebook pala ang pinakamahal na suppy na binili ko. Amputs. Mas mahal pa sa mga notebooks ko haha. Ah nagkalat din pala yung mga books explaining the da vinci code. Tao nga naman noh? Basta kumita lang at ma expose for a few seconds sa tv eh kung ano anong kabaliwan ang naiisip!

Si kim nga ang BIG winner, although it was rightfully hers naman talaga I can’t help but feel bad kasi in the last few days na nandun sila parang dun lumabas ang tunay niyang ugali. I can sense some “KALANDIAN” in her the way she was with Gerald. And I dunno why but I sometimes get the feeling na she’s doing this to intentionally hurt mikee eh. Ok we all get her point: she doesn’t like mikee anymore more than she likes Gerald but she doesn’t have to go to the extent of making him feel unwanted. And hindi na rin niya kinakausap si mikee eh. With Gerald naman, I remember nun na nagpromise siya (na hindi naman hiningi ni mikee) na he’ll back off kim and that they are just “good friends” but actions prove otherwise. But with him I don’t fee likel he’s doing it intentionally unlike kim. Besides umamin naman nun si Gerald na gusto niya si kim so yun. I pity mikee lang talaga kasi I feel na dahil sa tahimik siya at soft spoken kaya siya nagaganun. And hindi niya maexpress ang gusto niyang sabihin. Plus he is always being put into spot when kim is being asked whether it’s him or Gerald parang ang sakit naman nun ‘nuff said! Wha. At least now, he doesn’t have to endure watching kim and Gerald make “harutan” now. He deserve someone better! Im glad he’s the runner up!! atenistas rule! Haha

Pahabol pbb: rustom looked so cute with braces ha! Sayang nga lang he’s oh so gay!

Oh I also bought a new bag and new shoes. New everything for the last one. Hope this things will last! Sobrang gastos na sa part ko noh!! I also bought a bag for ate daisy and insisted on “bag na pang college” though im still having a hard time understanding that noh. Such things exist pala. Well yun haayy.. oh my sister likes pink now! Girly girly na siya unlike back then when she wants guns and car toys. Good improvement! Now if I could just convince her to wear skirts!

Current mood: shady’s back… back again! Tell your friends!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I went yesterday to the hospital to get my skin checked because of the super smoldering summer we all had. Now meeting with my uber prof mom (she’s the head nurse) we went to the ground ground floor where dr. emerlinda is waiting for us. She spent half an hour asking normal stuffs and making jokes as if we were kindergarten classmates. Haha.

Then she elaborates more about the skin test I will undergo then. Specifically called a prick test, it’s designated to find out which among allergens are you allergic with. This test is divided into 3 categories that I dunno what. And each category has 20 kinds of specimens/allergens. Now here’s the catch: to each 20 specimens/allergens a needle will be dipped into it and later on be “prick” as in TUSOK to your skin. So that means my skin will be pricked by simple math calculations 60 times with different whatnots that I might possibly be allergic. Ok. Big deal, so much for my fear of needles.

Seeing my panicked face, mom came to the rescue. She asked if I just take one category of allergens first instead of taking the whole panel as the doctor called it. She agreed. Whoohoo!! Now I just have to deal with 20 needle pricks. When everything was done I saw 20 little dots on my skin turning red and big and blotchy. Some of them are even begging to be scratched BUT I hold them all off. Whaaa for 20 long and agonizing minutes. When it was now REALLY done. Results shows im allergic to the ff.:

-bermuda grass and any kind of grass

so there. 40 pricks to go

current mood: prick