Thursday, October 27, 2005


When I was little
I stared sincerely into the sky
Snuggled deeply in my dreams
And have worked my fantasies out
This was the world for me
Or so I thought it was
It revolved around simple things
Simple leisure and pleasures
When I have grown
I now faced bleeding knees
Bruised egos and dirt-stricken face
Even tried running away from it all
For the world was so much diverse
Different in ways I have known
My world suddenly turned upside down
There you are in front of me
An image I once only dream
An angel landed beside me
A scenery much splendor to behold
Right there and there, I knew
It was with you I love most
I now knew what they meant by “love stops everything”
Yes, it was justified by you
Now that I’ve grown up
I still stare at the sky
Still trance endless dreams
But never alone again
Im with the angel that flown
Right here beside me
The seraph I’ve fallen in love with

**wala lang.. para sa lahat nalang nga mga baliw sa pag-ibig... crazy in love..

Last goodbye

Im sorry
For not telling you
Just the way I feel
For hiding you my emotions
Right there and there
I thought my heart was fooling me then
Or just being plain stupid
As I woke up one day
I came to realize
This is no tale or joke
But just as I expected
T’was to late
You weren’t there
You were out of reach
And as the cliché always say
Regret constantly arrives behind
As I start to let go
Feeling lost and empty
I now always think
What would happen
What could have been if...?
If I was with you
Then as for now
We’ll both go on from here
Someday, somehow
We’ll sort these things out
But until then..
I’ll give you one last goodbye

**haaayy... I love goodbye by nina fits this poem hehe,,, at least mas ok na yung situation sa video kaysa sa wala talaga diba??

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