Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Green cards, hot chocolate and me..

How I wish time could be stopped so I could upturned it right there and there. Nevertheless, I guess there are some things that just can’t be conciliated. Im still in a tug of war whether to just swallow my parent’s plans and go with the flow or speak myself up and who knows, might change their plans and minds.

Well.. I had my medical examination just a few hours ago. I am really ranting not to go since I know what this thing is for ... and I don’t want to do it.
This and along with other countless things are the checklist before you could migrate to states. You have to accomplish this plus pass the interview and get yourself a visa. We already had our interview and are just waiting for the results. So while pitifully waiting my ‘rents said we should finish the other things still needed to be done. Sigh.

Amidst all this mayhem, I am really hoping that somehow this is just a tall story. I don’t want to go and live in other country other than here. Sounds crazy I guess cause everyone is dying to go there and stay for good. But for me, I don’t want to leave this place where I grew up. Yup, I know im being sappy and everything but that’s just the way it is. I picture myself staying here, finishing college, and working here in my home place. Sounds jingoistic?? Hehe! Basta! What I want is that I stay here and be with all my friend and people I have grown close to all my life. Holidays are ok but I cannot imagine myself going to a place where I literally don’t know anyone and starting all over again. That must be super and extra hard so im being a chick now cause I really don’t wanna go.

Leaving all the great and not so great things here would be horrendous for me since I have come to love every single pollution, jeepneys and traffics here in our country. I would miss fish balls, kikiam, mais con yelo, isaw and other street food here. The way the chickens crow in the morning, the barking of the dogs at strangers and watching the sunset in roxas blvd. with all the ships floating are the things that tugs at my heart and begs to stay.

I would definitely miss my friends and people whom I would be leaving. I still don’t know if im willing to sacrifice that for a new environment, tradition, culture and everything else new. Wow!! Im at odds at my possible choices since this is my life im talking about! Whatever my choice would affect and impinge on my life. The possibilities are all laid down now at my hand waiting for my final verdict. Well, would I?

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