Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Well, here are the songs that can be included in my original soundtrack grant that my life be made into a full-length movie... feasibility not a pre-requisite ...
Uhm, pati narin yung what im listening to right now-nandito rin..
Yung mga songs sometimes remind me of something or I can relate to...
Others are classics, some are pop and everything else is in between... mwahugzz..

_Welcome to my life-simple plan
_shut up-“ ”
_break you-marion raven
_tulog na-sugarfree
_sandalan(?)-6 cyclemind
_moonriver-Frank Sinatra (lovers in paris?)
_your love- alamid
_especially for you-mymp
_eternal flame-“ ”
_hanggang ngayon-kyla
_till they take my heart away-“ ”
_fix you-coldplay
_i love you goodbye-Nina(I love the video)
_steep-“ ”
_a girl can dream-“ ”
_i need you-mark bautista
_i believe-jimmy bondoc(sassy girl movie)
_broken vow-gosh groban
_end of the road-boys to men
_water runs dry-“ ”
_broken sonnet-hale
_kahit pa-“ ”
_gemini-spongecola(Romeo and Juliet)
_neon-“ ”
_una-“ ”
_lunes-“ ”
_someday we’ll know- Mandy Moore(a walk to remember)
_ang ating araw-dicta license
_one last cry-Bryan McKnight
_i’ll do anything for love-meatloaf
_a thousand miles-Vanessa Carlton
_so yesterday-Hillary duff
_iris-goo goo dolls(city of angels)
_escape-Enrique iglesias
_this I promise you-n*sync
_don’t wanna miss a thing-aerosmith
_tonight, tonight-smashing pumpkins
_accidentally in love-counting crows (shrek2)
_you’ll be safe here-“ ”
_214-“ ”
_our lives-the calling
_wherever you will go-“ ”
_beautiful soul-Jesse McCartney
_breakaway- Kelly Clarkson
_baby it’s you-jojo
_karma-Alicia keys
_unbreakable-“ ”
_wake me up when sept. ends-american idiot
_boulevard of broken dreams-“ ”
_knockin’ on heaven’s door-avril lavigne
_my happy ending-“ ”
_why-“ ”
_how did you know-Gary v.(it makes me cry-huhu)
_runaway-the corrs
_like a rose-a1
_if you come back-blue
_swing swing-all american rejects
_dirty little secret-“ ”
_sway-?? (basta yung sa American pie)
_ted-hannah-parokya ni egdar
_careless whisper-?? (I forgot who sang it)

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