Friday, September 29, 2006


It’s such as stormy day today. Signal no. 3 ngayon sa manila at pampanga which means walang pasok. Yes!

…….i know it’s mean to wish that “milenyo” would be so hard especially when I know that a lot of people are suffering it’s bad effects, are losing their homes and God forbid even their lives. But just because im not really feeling its effects doesn’t mean I don’t feel it at all. Nyah. I notice a lot of sentence errors there but im too lazy to even edit them so I’ll just let them be.

*im so tired kahapon I thought I might need to be confined! Imagine playing basketball for three consecutive games lasting about 25 minutes each with only 3 minutes rest in between? Talk about exhaustion. Tas yung mga nakalaro pa naman were so aggressive sa bola. nung last Wednesday, when we played against najee, nag-eenjoy pa ako kasi mas madami pang tawa kaysa sa seriousness. Although we beat them,,, obvious na wala lang. they just don’t care. Yung next game namen where we lost was just excusable dahil were playing with a guy na MVP lang naman ng basketball. Tas yung game 3 nga namen yesterday was so ewan. One girl was so aggressive na naka-jumpball na niya lahat ng kateamates ko including me. talagang nang-aagaw ng bola but it’s ok lang naman. We still finished victorious! The game 4 was one of the most intense games talaga kasi they are very serious in winning. Although meg and I suffered injuries this time, we never let our team down. Sobrang bagsik ng defense ni mariel that there was LITERALLY no way for you to pass the ball. I love her for that! Tas naman **** and *** were parang galit nag galit na talagang inaagaw na yung bola. that happened so many times that’ s why we always have the turnovers which obviously made us again the winner. I actually felt like I shoved something down their necks hahah! Game 5 was again a funny game kasi relax nalang kami. We even made tesa shoot the ball eh. Haha. Basta yun.

MORAL: some people will literally kill you just to win one measly game.

….im eating an ice cream today!

Monday, September 25, 2006

To do list for today:
September 25, 2006

*test in physics
*test in CLE
*test in English
*long test in economics
*passing of Filipino essay
*do the English project
*doing the dumb computer project
*graded recitation plus seatwork in trigonometry

Four test…. five home works …. One night…. One jacq…. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Hellday starts from here…


Monday, September 18, 2006


Ok.. two test down.. one or two more to go…. and all I can say is”

“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

so when we arrived there, I was perspiring because the building was on fourth floor. (we later found out that there is an elevator but was broken) we were arranged alphabetically so I was assigned at seat 58 which was never easy to find then when I asked the I-thought-kind-lady, she snorted and said “anak, eto ang upuan mo, oh… katabi ng nakawhite diba?” grrrr… I wanted to kill her at the spot but ok I just sat. and then when I looked, the guy on my right was no other than butch! My classmate in up aguman review… but I didn’t say hi cause im feeling so much jitters. Hahaha.

Test started late because obviously, there are just some people who can’t tell the difference between 7:30 and 8am so yun. Tas when we were starting na, the instructor was speaking so fast that haay… basta… I was sited with my back against a huge aircon and slowly I felt it’s numbing effects!! Whaaaa……

English was ok but we were only given 40 minutes to answer 100 items and to think the articles are quite long and then we had the essay part for only 20 minutes. So much for order and logical thinking. Yay.

Next part was math but before that a girl at my right (who was so pretty, I could have been an instant lesbian) talked to me. she asked about my school and that got the ball rolling for us. She is actually very kind and soft-spoken. An ob Montessori girl that’s why she spoke perfect and straight English. Hehe. And oh math was shit!! As in super hard… algebra algebra algebra.. should have studied my sophomore lessons. There wasn’t a single geometry problem man lang!

After that was the easy-easy part na.. the aptitude test which includes logical, abstract reasoning, gen. knowledge reading comprehension.. these parts were fairly easy so both the ob girl (sam) and me started talking. We were reprimanded many times yet we kept talking hahaa…

Last test: numerical ability,, yay! 30 minutes to solve 25 items about age problem (although there are other kinds of problem, these stood out talaga!) na sobrang nosebleed!! Huhuhu.. one third of the cat and thrice the dog’s age.. blah blah blah…

I just wish that ateneo people would consider the fact that I am applying for a COMMUNICATION course and not MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING.

Oh well, im screwed…

Went to chowking and drowned every sorrow in a chaofan and siomai with odie’s century egg.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Whoa. Time flies super fast and it’s September… BER months are here now,, and speaking of the nearing Christmas rush...I was in the mall when I heard “tayo na giliw, magsama na tayo….” Haha. And the wind is getting colder na… yaay..

Christmas is near na nga oh.

I can’t believe it that time can go that fast… parang kailan lang when I was vacationing my heart out in tagaytay and baguio and then school opened and then the centennial celebration and then before I knew it eto na… it’s September… Only 3 months before Christmas, 4 months before 2007, 5 months before valentines and prom and 6 months before my 17th birthday and finally,,, im saying goodbye to highschool forever. Oohh..

That sounds creepy.

Share ko lang: nung nag library period kami last tym, I got the chance to chat with the acts.. saya nga kase after 3 years, we are all classmates again.. (we are the star section then and now eh) oion.. in the words of ms. Pangan.. kahit na di tayo super close friends, bonded parin tayo by the memories.. totoo pala yun. The feeling when you step back in time to cherish and savor every bits of your past is so sweet I wish I could freeze it right there and there. Haha. Ang saya nun.

Like with this ms. Pangan. Ms. Pangan and I used to be BFF (I suppose you know what this means people!) until some wrecked memory brought havoc and tinted our innocent friendship. We didn’t talked for almost 2 years and it was in freshmen when we finally allowed ourselves to lower our pride and apologize for whatever happened then. Even I, myself cannot remember what exactly is the reason that caused our fight. It was a very petty fight yet hurtful words have to be said and promises have to be broken.

Three years later, ms. pangan and I are classmates for I guess the last time. I’m not her best friend anymore and so is she in my life today. But inspite of the huge gap that separated us apart, I know that what I am would partly be attributed to her, like it or not. I guess thats what people do to your life; they walked in, teach you a lesson or two and move on with their lives. I like to think that, that is exactly what happened to the two of us.

Thanks ms. Pangan..

I know it’s a bad analogy but you get the idea naman.
Today, mom talked to me about moving.

When I talk of moving here, it’s not an ordinary moving out of the house or neither moving from one location to another. It’s the kind of moving I tried so far to elude and never speak about. But I guess, I’d had to deal with it soon. (If my memory permits, I already wrote a post similar to this. Mga banding 2005 yun.)

She started by asking me how do I feel about going to another country and staying there for a huge chunk of time. I told her that I don’t know since that thought never even crossed my mind (WELL, IM LYING HERE OBVIOUSLY.). But I know that, that kind of answer would not suffice if im going to convince mom to just stay here. Ever since I graduated grade school, mom had been at my tail trying to sell me the idea that being in states with Lolo and Lola and with the rest of my huge clan is way better than what I have initially planned for my life. She told me that I AM lucky to be given an OPPORTUNITY like this cause some people literally kill themselves to be in my shoes right now. She reminded me of how I dream when I was young of being able to go to states and live there. She told me how better OUR life would be if we stay there. Most of all, she reminded me how much happier I would be.

Is it?

I would love to see a real snow on a real winter, yes. I would love to build snowmen and be able to skate and brush all the snow from the driveway. When I was young and na├»ve, I had dream of all these things from in states (in Harvard or Princeton, no less!) to being an Asian-am-girl. But somehow, these dreams are not my dreams anymore. They had become my mother’s. Life had changed me and my dreams that going to states now is a thing of the past for me. Maybe, had the OPPORTUNITY came at an earlier time, I might have gone for it. However, yesterday is different from today as it is to tomorrow. I have already dream of other dreams, which I am in pursuit right now. I already planned my life based on the PRESENT. What I have in mind for my life may not be the greatest thing in the world (in fact, it wont’t even come as close to going to states) but I know that in my heart, this is what I want and this would make me feel at my HAPPIEST but still I love mom very much.


p.s.: I’ve got a new haircut!! Yippee..