Monday, January 23, 2006

The world of insane people

Im reading a book right now and im inspired by it. It’s about a girl who wants to die but then her plans are interrupted and is now given a few more days to live which leaves her wondering if she had really done the right thing.

I believe that people often get tired of routine. So they try to have alternatives and seek to do things the other way around. Don’t you think this people are insane? Trying to do things, which in a way can be considered WRONG.

Understanding life is really a big problem don’t you think so? We all only have our present which is very brief and then before you know it, present is already past and you? You are standing there all alone, still wrapped up in that moment when you are still trying to fathom things, it suddenly leaves you behind.

Take for instance, a tie… why has it been called a tie? Can’t we call it just a piece of colorful cloth wrapped around the neck to make you breath abnormally? Why does tie have to be formed?

Being insane, I suppose is a way easier living than this life. When you are one, you’re free to everything you wished. No one stops you for they understood the fact you are sick. But are you really one? If you run the risk of being different. Yes you are and I congratulate you for that. Insane people are better because they dare to be different, see how far they can go and that’s what sets them apart.

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