Friday, January 27, 2006

Im tired…

Don’t let me even start with the whooping loads of schoolwork we have been given!! Packing shet talaga!! Uhm… di pa naman kami graduating ah!! Kainis tuloy…

Okey, but the good thing is, im getting almost enough sleep [rejoice! After months…] which is a miracle I tell you!!! It all began when I fell asleep at 9pm and then waking up a t 1am which cause me a great headache. So I promise myself im just gonna finish everything early if I can and sleep before time! Okey, I hope to do finish on time. Haayyy…. I sometimes have to go home late at night or early morning for that matter haha.

And magaaral na akong mabute!! Haha… Seriously, my grades are ok but nowhere satisfied. Share ko lang, I have a sinking feeling im getting LOWWW grades this quarter. Huhu.. Then I hope not. “Think positive nga diba?”

Current mood: scared of not being with you
Current song: im so sick with you, honey