Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Para sa mga walang magawa sa buhay nila-

I am currently in a state of ennui.

There’s nothing to honestly talk about.

Nothing to speak of.

To do

To see

To explore

To go to….

Oh well, I just post senseless things then like….

If trees were made higher than us humans in terms of intelligence… would they be called humans and WE trees?

Can you imagine if we were the ones in the jungle, scavenging for food and the animals are the one civilized e.g. driving, cooking working etc…

Or humans are the main attractions in fairs and circus instead of dolphins, parrots or other creatures? And they are the ones selling cotton candy and popcorn.

Can you imagine a giraffe presiding a holy mass?

Or police zebras hunting down robber dog, pusher cat and drug lord lizard?

I think the world will be in a better state condition.


Im serious.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »