Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Life as it is

Gemini is playing on my computer. Amidst much (and when I say too much it literally means thousands of times) airplay, I never gotten myself over this song! I dunno… the song looks like it has been made for me. Aww.. haha… the beat, lyrics, melody, meaning everything really makes my heart melt. Besides the fact that Yael sings it. Yeah, I just love it period!

Basta yung way ng pagkaka drums eh super astig, ramdam mo talaga yung kanta and yung boses super di ko ma explain pero alam niyo yun yung, wow!! And the lyrics are so emotional, haha… im being redundant here but yun talaga!! Masyadong madrama yung kanta and I think that what struck me to like it!

Okeiz, enough about them. Test is over and the result is not too good for me. Especially Christian living education and Filipino. I have a high risk of having a score below 70 out of the coveted 100 points test. And it is just because of sheer stupidity! I mean how stupid could I just get? I could now see it! My grades slipping down and swirling in the ground! Oh and chemistry! Balancing was so punyeta!!! I didn’t finish!! Shet!!! And that’s two poits each so that means -16 na agad ako in addition to my would be mistakes!! Haaayy,,, not too good. Anyways, I hope it won’t go down that loooowww….. ohhh.. im scared…. Im not satisfied with this test!!!

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