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Oh my… due to inevitable constraints, this will be my latest blog…
Date: dec. 26 2005
And I have lots of kwentos….. let’s begin

When the school was still alive.. then I hope it will never resurrect again, I told everyone how busy we all are well… the contests all went well…

The choral fest though we weren’t chosen was really good. We had practices for only 2 days but that was one hella fun. The song really reminds me of cold Christmas nights “paglamig ng hangin, hatid ng pasko… nangugulila sa king gunita.. ang mga nagdaang natin pasko….” There we were the only one who presented a very gloomy song but we got the most applause. :)

At the same time was the giant lantern making contest. We again didn’t won. What they had forgotten to tell us is that they need the most trashed-looking lantern one could ever make. I should have just stole all the wrappers and empty bottles here. But on the good side, proverbs our sister room won finally! After months of long drought…

Walk for a cause… I woke up at around 5:00 because my service said he’s going to pick me up at 5:30 but guess what? At 6:00 I was still home. Anyways arriving at the scene, I saw stalls selling yummy puto bumbong but I just couldn’t eat yet. We are walking how many meters so I might get problems… so at 7am ¼ of the entire population of my school yes! That few… walked around the commercial district of our city…. Haaayy… tiring!! While the rest was at school not sweating and catching their breath.

Xmas party… it was cool! Our class had really enjoyed the game like the card relay and funny bone eheeh!!! The human trip to Jerusalem which I took part to was really unique. We also have the year end awardees which was all for those really stupid incidents…. Next came the exchange gift that was soooo dry… then we eat! The baked spareribs and tropical chicken was realllyyy yummy!!! And after this came the most boring afternoon. I went out to give my tokens to my friends and even receive my own present given by erherm najeee!! Hehe.. Jason also gave me a peck on my cheeks and so did najee!! Ehehe… :) we also watched this battle of the bands which did nothing but to hurt my eardrums so we just have to go… at 3:15 it was time to go and see each other next year….

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