Monday, January 09, 2006


Uhm… I think im gonna have a career in comedic acts. Oh my… first of all check out the new template of my blog!! The beauty of ownership!! Ehee,,, but there’s no pix yet. I am yet to learn how to! It’s also in my feel good color, stylistic black! Uhum!! Now I seriously believe I can be a comedian. I barely recall the no. of times I made my classmates and friends laugh.

Anyways, what made me smile or smirk is this certain group of friends… let’s not name them!! It all started with their goal to have one t-shirt, all of the same design. Sort of like a uniform… then after that, for Christmas someone gave the 17? Or less a belt that had all the same design. As if it wasn’t enough, they all wore the same huge pearl bracelets given again as a gift. I just wondered what would they looked like have they decided to wear the same t-shirt, belt and bracelet? Hmmm.. Food for though yan. Ay! They also have the same flurry and hairy kind of ball pen. And yep, they all use it! Cute noh?!

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