Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Post script! Post script!

I know this is kinda late but let me at least retaliate everything and everyone that made me stay alive this year.

The start of 2005 was not good, in fact it was even the worst year ever in my life. The 1st quarter and half of the second was full of anger, sorrow, pain and anguish.
Many changes had to be done. Some hurting me and some hurting other people but then these changes have just to be made. Like its stimulus or whatever you call it.

But then it wasn’t all pain and tears cause slowly now im regaining everything that has been taken away from me. They might not be the same things but I can safely say they are equal in value or even more. I can now swim the ocean without choking and fear of drowning. I can now leave the island halfway to be able to go somewhere else. I was able to overcome so many things and im grateful for that.

I know the world has to move on and I have to go with it but before that, I want to take this opportunity to mention some people and things that I believe had somehow helped me reached this point of serenity and tranquility in my life now. Without them, I guess my metamorphosis wouldn’t have been completed and I molded.

Uhm… I guess the best person to start with would be my mom. She has always accepted and forgiven me inspite of everything (and when I mean everything, god know what these things are). She never fails to teach me life’s lesson and I would always be grateful for that. No matter how strict she is, behind that fa├žade is a true mom who would always love her child-no matter what life brings. Dad comes next cause though he is desserts away, he never fails to check-up on me.

Friends (kim, mela, najee, dane, ryan, the whole psalms). They had always made my day a whole lot better with their crazy antiques and weird quirks. They are always the person you can count on whenever, whichever. That’s for sure. I believe that life always gets better when you have someone near you. I’ve never been wrong.

My family that includes lola and the loving uncles and aunties and psychedelic cousins and my pamangkins. I love you simply for giving me money when I need them most. For bringing me my favorite shoes and clothes. Haha!! Joke!! Ofcourse, for the most of my life, you’ve never been around but I hope that someday we’d be together and never part again. Hmmm.. maybe in 5-6 years time… to my pamagkins,, haayy… when I grow a little older and I’ve gotten a better job I would be able to buy and give decent gifts for you all. :)

To other people who have made 2005 a good/bad year for me, thank you still for without you my year would not have been completed. For all the lessons and experience you taught me, at least I should say thanks.

I just hope that this firedog year brings me better luck than last year. *wink*

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