Monday, January 02, 2006

I must be making a fool out of myself here….

Trying to update my blog every so often huh? Nevertheless, this is what I was born to do guys so please, just bear with me!

I am currently munching on French fries and caramel ice cream from guess where... JOLLIBEE! Imagine the long queue waiting for your order to be taken and then deciding just to have it as a “take out” taena.
Somebody also stole my dream Cadbury; I left it in the fridge last night.

I went out of the house and drag my way to the nearest mall when I suddenly felt something was TOTALLY wrong!! And im very correct. I didn’t have my bag with me. Ha-ha... Goddamit! How am I suppose to go to a mall without my fucking bag!!! So I turn around once again and returned for that stupid absent-minded bag.. shit shit shit!

And upon entering the mall, I was immediately overwhelm by the great smell of coffee and rum cake.. starbucks here I come!! I didn’t mind that I only have p2ooo on my wallet which im about to regret.

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