Monday, January 23, 2006

This is just a passing entry as I am in a hurry to do things. La lang… rushed!!

--- anyways… im amazed right now. A friend of mine told me she could play drums and that she actually plays in a band! To which I am green with envious kasi I can’t for the life of it play drums or any musical instruments! That pains me to torments!!

Music never even considered giving me a sprinkle of it’s beauty. Know why? Yes, I can memorize all those notes and melody but never let me put them in practice!! Kainis nga, bakit ganun? I love to learn and play guitar or piano or drums which totally rocks for me eh!! So maybe that’s why im so addicted to band now… because of their great capacity not only to sing BUT play instruments much more, write songs.. galing nila noh??

Current mood: amazed and cursed~!

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