Monday, January 09, 2006

We part only to meet again

The mighty boundless waves may come; remembrance of it shall bring you near
And I will with you, go forever.
And at midnight’s silent hour
When brilliant planets shall guide the ocean
The name shall rise to heaven’s highest star
And mingle with my soul’s devotion.

I noticed the poem during one of my silent sessions and it really struck me.
It was of course by Edgar Allan Poe, which sadly was not completed.

I dunno why but every time I read these verses as if my heart is being tormented. Freaky huh? Yes it sure does.

Anyways,, im currently reviewing for our prelims… still…still… so I won’t be able to post until maybe Wednesday and this coming Friday is our educational outbound trip to Laguna. Seven lakes to be exact.

Ei, it’s only a few months before this schoolyear finally ends and summer is near. Im being a paranoid here! Christmas vacation was just over duh!! The lessons are crazy just like me. Im lost. Heavily. So now what do I do? No really, what??

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