Friday, January 06, 2006

People! Just dropped by to say hello to everyone who happened to pass by my blog!!!

Hmmm.. Im advertising here...

Those who want to relive the undying love and tragedy of Romeo and Juliet may come and watch the play at AFT Theater on January 14 that’s a Saturday…. and continues until February 19… im not sure! It starts yan yuzon and irina feleo and is directed by Steven uy. Their will be a gala night on Jan. 12 wherein pupil and sponge cola who sang the play’s theme song “Gemini” will have a mini concert after the play.

Please support it.

For those who are part of the sponge cola mailing list. You are all entitled to a discounted ticket just type blah blah blah….. to blah blah blah….. that’s it

I feel reticent doing this, honestly. Oh well… I hope you watch! It’s very promising.

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