Monday, January 02, 2006

The best New Year

I just had the best New Year ever for a long time. I guess it’s because many of my long lost finally found relatives came back home. I was able to see my huge cousins and super kulit cousin parin plus my uncles and aunties I last saw 9 years ago.

We had lots of fireworks! Even before midnight tick tock we already finish then up. But they are safe. Free flowing watusi and poppers that looked like garlic were given to children even adults!! We even throw them at atchi lorelie who avenged by throwing some at us as well. Even uncle dado was dancing when we scratched the watusis. There was this butterfly firecracker that flies and this piccolo but it was not good the products I mean. there was also the judas belt which made my eardrums almost split. Ofcourse we also have lusis and fountains. It was soo much fun. We bought again at around 11am and all in all spend around p3500 for fireworks alone. We finish up at around 1 am and started ytaking pictures for the hundredth time around

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