Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Today, my cousins are now leaving.

Two weeks seems to have jumped off a cliff.
It was just then when they arrived from the states and we are having fun in boracay and now we just said our goodbye to each other. Hush-hush. It hurts me especially that I get to see them for only 2 weeks and we have to wait like a year again (that Is if they’re coming) or after 5 years and im not so sure if im still here either. Who knows we might all be there together heehee!

Im surely gonna miss Christian and his hyper antics…. My super gwapo cousin junior who hugged me twice and said I love you too to me. Incest here! And of course Kathleen..

I feel like crying but I don’t want to cry. There is already too much drama here and the world doesn’t need any more. I think im gonna make it but every time I remember, tears start to fall. That’s it! Im letting them fall. It happens only once in a blue moon. Im already missing them. My room now is suffering an extra huge case of flashflood.

I wish im in states already.

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