Sunday, January 29, 2006

I have read a very interesting live journal today. []

I know that I belong here to blogspot but I can’t help but take a glance to that attention-grabbing blog or journal or whatever.

I honestly doesn’t know what is his name [im sure of his gender though] or who he is or what he does or what not. But one thing is for sure, he writes pretty hard.

I know a lot of people use web log as a way to let out the shits and angst of their life. or rather for some, an online diary, which sucks by the way. But this certain “taena” used it for practice.

Yep people, practice for his part-time job… he wants to be a writer.

When I read the first entry [that means the latest, about the comments] I was like “what d hell was he trying to point out?” why does he have to care about those things blah blah blah oh well, some troubled misunderstood guy perhaps. Still, there was a certain feeling that reigns through the entries and the succeeding ones [the past entries idiot!] there was depth and substance though I can’t figure out just yet what was that.

And so, I continued reading his journal. Now I do get it, I think. He makes people feel his emotions. His emotions are raw and they really make you feel for him. Of what? I don’t know. That is what im still to find out.

I think im wasting my life and computer life reading his entries, but I don’t know!
It’s like im glued to it. That I just have to continue on and on. Oh well. I just have to.

Current mood: im dizzy
Current music: …and ignite your bones, I will try to fix you


Jed said...


Thanks. I already replied to your comment in my LJ.


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