Friday, January 27, 2006

happy bday to my favorite drummer of all time.

“just how long can all time mean…hmmm?”

^basta whatever that may mean. Chris rocks!! Okeyiz?? He’s now 21 wow…. Legal adult na!! haha….

Always keep fit though I know I never have to say that. Heehee. Thanks for the ML dude :)

By the way, hi sa twin mo who happens to be a special friend of mine… heeheh…
Hi sponge!! Hi yael! Hi armo! Hi gosh!! Heellow chris! Eheehee,,
Hi pupil!! Hi ely! Hi yan! Hi bogz! Hi dok!!

Hellow to everyone else in between then…

An angel without at halo but has a harp

Current Mood: sitting pretty
Current song: happy birthday to you to the tune of stupid love!

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