Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ersatz, dictionary and grand ball

---------------I just finished reading “a series of unfortunate events” by lemony snicket. Of course I won’t tell details and spoilers but the book is guaranteed to be a good read.

And let me tell you why.

*you won’t have a problem understanding foreign words since the book doubles as a dictionary. For example, café salmonella was not just a restaurant, but a theme restaurant that simply means a restaurant with food and decorations that follow a certain idea. see? So there’s no reason for you not to understand it then.
*the plot and turn of events is as hilarious as it can be.
*it shows you that life will not always be kind especially to good people. You would always be asked to go an extra mile from your expectations. To go a notch higher. I think that’s very well true.

Well on the party side,. our recently concluded ball was a bomb!!...

And let me again tell you why.

*I was with great people.
*I dirty danced with a teacher haha.
*I slow danced with a person I never imagine I can dance with.
*everyone had a great time
*the food was (surprise!) delicious…
*teachers were very lenient.
*great music
*my pumps went that “extra mile”
*lots of steal shots
*a night to remember

I would like to thank Mrs. Leonida Licup, my great mom, for fixing me and making me look so much prettier that night.
To my cousin ,jhing, for the beautiful ball dress she helped me sourced.
Psalms, thanks for the wonderful night. Special mention goes to najee, ryan kim and bobidee who almost entered into a fight that night.

Time to plan the next grad ball.

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