Saturday, February 11, 2006

Feb. 10
10 Minutes of Fame with Me

School: Holy Family Academy
Name: Ma. Jacqueline Licup
Birthday: March 14
Year: 3rd
Height: 5’5
Motto: struggle is nature’s way of strengthening
Single or in a relationship: Single
Favorite subjects: Anything that has to with humanities or communication
Favorite books: Davinci code, The Alchemist, The Little Prince, Veronica Decides to Die, Tuesdays with Morris and The road less traveled. I love books :)
Favorite musicians: sponge cola! And most of the opm artist today. Also Green day, Fall out boys, cold play and Maria Carey.
Celebrity crushes: yael and yan yuzon. Brad pitt and Chad Michael Murray in actors.

Finish the sentences>

>I am special because I don’t change for the sake of others. I am who I am, take it or leave it.

>The youth shouldn't take drugs because drugs put an end to a good future.

>When I go to McDonald's I usually order chicken burger meal with large fries and caramel sundae.


>what do you think are the current problems plaguing the country? The country is full of corrupt officials who did nothing but to hinder progress.

> What do you think you and your fellow youth can do to solve the problems you've mentioned? Espouse our moral values and build our education. It is only possible if we becomes apologist of what is the truth and stand by it.

>If you were given a chance to speak with Pres. Arroyo, what issues would you discuss with her? Poverty. This issue has been passed from presidents to presidents yet nothing has happened to entirely obliterate it.

> What're your extra-curricular activities? I write for our school paper and help in the school plays. I play basketball but stopped due to paucity in time so I just now cheer in the background. And I also dance [social] for our school programs.

> How did you overcome shyness? Im by nature an assertive person. I’ve never been shy :) I guess it’s just in my disposition to be buoyant and jaunty.