Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I always found politics and our country’s economic crisis as the two most mind-numbing subjects I could ever write here in my humble blog. But now as manila is seized with great confusion and chaos, I think im ought to now react about what is happening to my country nowadays. Here’s a short article about it.

After watching “dekada 70” and reading a lot of books about martial law, edsa and NPAs, I found myself hoping I could somehow walk back into the past. I often wish that I could warp my 16 year old body and drag it to the pres. marcos period. I would like to experience how is it to be living in that time: Everyone’s afraid for their lives, media being controlled by the government, imposing hell curfews and the military aspect of Philippines In control.

I dunno but that is what I feel. Mom always find that idea ridiculous “you would never want to live in that time… you won’t stand it… you don’t know how it feels like to be there.” But I guess that is where im coming from. I don’t know but would want to. And then out of the blue, my prayers are answered.

After the stampede at ultra, the e-vat and coming r-vat, the st. Bernard tragedy here comes what I’ve been waiting for or something to that content.

Last feb. 24 president Gloria announced that we are in a state of emergency. This was supposed to be a celebration of the 20th anniversary of edsa and Gloria gave us all a very surprising present.

She said it was all the rallies and coup threats that made her arrive in her decision. Just the morning before my ball, the AFP had found papers stating of the plans of people or groups of it to destabilize the government and erap in the wee hours of the morning was forced by police to transfer places. Then different groups of people are gathering [anakbayan, haytt 10, magdalo etc] to protest and express their sentiments [that is for Gloria to step down] by mid afternoon, there was already a huge crowd and even politics biggies had joined the march going to the ninoy monument? Im not sure. However, police were on the opposite streets determined not to let them in and this was in ayala ave. I don’t know what happened next but the next day, some of the leaders of famous anti Gloria parties were being detained and/or chased. Even the daily tribune is now under the watchful eyes of the police for being too sharp-eyed to the administration.

Now what is all about this? Is it martial law period again? I think our situation is nearing that stage already and mom agrees. Well I believe her, after all she knows the tell tale signs cause she experienced it already. I seem excited about what is happening right now but also bothered since many people are affected in someway actually im changing that sentence, everyone is affected in someway.

Im just wondering how could she go out and still loiter pretending everything is all right and under control?. Maybe then it’s tactics, I mean no one in there right mind would admit that something’s wrong right? Coz that would imply that they are weakening and the people are right all along.

Hmmmmmmmm… just a thought