Monday, February 20, 2006

My first love

………well im in a super honest mode today. Please exonerate!

My first love was back then in 1999. I was uhm N yrs. Old (I wont divulge the real age goodness) but all I can say is that I was way too young for love then.

He was your typical guy, tall dark and well not really that handsome but to me he was my idea of Mr. Right. My own version of prince charming. He was my service mate so I had the opportunity to ogle at him everyday before and after classes. I observed how he talk, laugh, play and every verb you can imagine here and I wouldn’t care less. He was perfect and that was all to me. It was true love for me.

But then, fairy tales do end in sad finale, such is my fairy tale. He started going out with a girl (a good friend of mine) and finally blossomed into something else. I wouldn’t elaborate on what I feel then because that is so past but one thing I will always remember is that 4 years after my first love, I haven’t gotten over him.

I may have lead a different life then, had other great loves but I will always love to go back to the time of tall dark and not so handsome but kindhearted guy and feel the sugar rush over and over again.

Current mood: uhm,, sugar full
Current song: you are my first romance! :)