Friday, February 17, 2006

Im listening to hale right now.

I must admit they are pretty good, inspite of the rumors plaguing them.
Broken sonnet is my favorite track. Well from the title itself you’d get the meaning right. That is if you have sense!

…………..anyways I love the song………………

I want to spend every possible time here on earth with that one-person special to me.

“I’ll concede on the line of this song of melancholy”

I always hate to tell what I really feel since it always yields unfavorable results. Gloom and sadness envelops me as the day went on. It feels like floating but in reality, I wasn’t and there’s no possible way how can that happen.

“I don’t care what they say…what they do”

“Cause tonight, I’ll leave my fears right behind”

Life constantly moves for you to be able to do something. It gives you your purpose and meaning in life. Precisely, what is the purpose of life and how sure you are that life is thinking in the same way too?

“I’ll be right at your side…lie down right next to me and I’ll never let go”

Tears are falling from eyes, but they are not mine. I see facades of people rushing and running through an end. However, when they reach it, they find themselves in a bigger tunnel. More loopholes arise and the pain never left.

“Still, I see tears from your eyes, maybe im not just the one for you”


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