Friday, March 10, 2006

Im going to tell a story.

There was a girl named jacq and one morning she left the house so early she didn’t have time for breakfast. Good thing there was trusty old mcdo to help her fill in an empty stomach but there was one problem, there was no one she could invite to eat with her because in the first place she was with no one. While deciding whether to eat or not, her stomach rumbled and rallied begging for food. So without much ado she went in mcdo and sat alone. Alone wherein lots of people are sitting with someone else or is waiting for someone, something or whatever and she sat there all alone and feeling like a total loser.

After a million light years, she went up to the counter and said she wanted sausage mcmuffin. “one sausage mcmuffin please” the waitress said. Then she asked “what’s your drink mam?” the girl didn’t know what to say. She wanted some softdrinks but it’s way too early as it’s just 9 am. So she decided whether to have either coffee or hot choco. Since this girl is a coffee addict she said yes after another million light years to the waitress who again said “coffee mam?”. Problem two strarts as there was no coffee ready to be serve so the girl has to wait again.

Settling in her seat, she read what’s written in the paper of the food tray. Food facts. Okey and then the waitress appeared with her coffee and creamer and sugar and a paper whch says “coffee, red shirt.” So that’s how they’d recognize the girl who ordered coffee.

Okey then the girl open the creamer and sugar and the coffee itself to pour the side things then mixed it with the cute but thin mixer HAHA. Then she opened and ate her mcmuffin.

Here comes the fatal part, unaware that it is dreadfully and awfully hot, she drank the coffee, then all her senses and nerves in less than a second sped to her brains which shouted “HOT! HOT! HOT! ALERT! TONGUE IN 3RD DEGREE BURN STAGE!!” . and being the loner and loser girl she is, she still drank It regardless of any pain she is feeling right there and there. She just continued on with her burger and coffee without a care in the world but deep down inside she was shouting and crying “HOT! HOT! HOT! ALERT! TONGUE IN 3RD DEGREE BURN STAGE!!”.

Maybe it was her gluttony or maybe it was being a coffee addict but whatever it is the girl shouldn’t just went out without breakafast or maybe she should have just ordered softdrinks or maybe just maybe, she shouldn’t have went to mcdo to eat sausage mcmuffin with coffee.

Current music: pap parap pap pap… love ko’ toh!


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