Friday, March 03, 2006

The finish line

I was watching when I catch charmed’s commercial slash spoiler. Moreover, I was fascinated with its catch phrase.

The choice where you want to be is different from where you are made to be. But will decisions lead you to where you want to go?

Wala lang, just sharing. Food for thought “pagkain ng kaisipan”

When we talk of finish line, we often think of endings, consummation and conclusion right? But now all of that were changed when our parish priest who lead the mass on an ashy Wednesday said that finish lines would be where we had started. Yep, that’s reading it right wonderful friends of mine, the finish line would lead us back to where we have started.

One good exemplar is the alchemist by Paulo Coelho [im not so sure about the last name]. It tells the story of a boy (Santiago, whose name was only mentioned once in the entirerity [I coined the word] of the book) who searches for the greatest treasure of the world. He searched high and low only to find out that the ground beneath the place where he usually sleeps holds the treasure he had so long seek out. What’s the treasure? SECRET. Read it so you won’t ask me how did the story progress dummy!

There, I think one is a good enough example and that explains why the finish line is also the starting line don’t you think?.

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