Monday, March 27, 2006

Les feminin

Tick…….. tock……. Tick…….

Time sweeping by ever so furious

And now we reach the end of it. Omega

Feelings and memories hustle and bustle as I slowly and seemingly clutch the past. Wheeeewww.

Okey it’s my thank you very much list too.

Mam au-my mother hen for one academic year, tokneneng ulet!

Ryan- hehe,, never thought we’d be close.

Jho-I’ll miss you seatmate forever!!

Aubs- bale mi ulet! Am so glad we became friends

Nikka- my kakwentuhan sa txt. Salamat blogger!!

Katie-oy!! Mommy kana!! Haha joke. Txt klang pag may uhmm…. Aha!!

Leigh-ngeni tapa misasabi ala na napin!!

Kyle- oi!! Wala lang.. am always here for you! friends tamu forever!!

Binky- eikeik!! Another year well spent with you! I’ll miss our letter talk

Robyn-smile my only star!! pakababae kana!! Boy to boy kase relationship mo!

Tesa-I’ll miss our philosophical talks. Right or real?! That’s the question

Ces-hehe!! I’ll miss you.. with a smile.. you can never be too happy but you can try

Jb- oi! Magbayu naka!! Hehe..

Meg- my research and i.p. partner. Surely, destiny brought us together!

Dane- ahaha!! Ala mu!! Para king endless kwentos

Inah- thanks for making mah day brighter and dun sa friendster background

*to all those not here sa list, you were not forgotten. It’s just that the space is not enough for me to all thank you but rest be assured that all memories and bonding we had as iii psalms will never be forgotten-ever.

Jacq here signing off from iii psalms. Till we meet again (Fontana?)


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