Monday, March 27, 2006

Final checking checked:

__*__investigatory project [science]
__*__term paper [English]
__*__report on matrimony [CLE]
__*__report on noli [Filipino]
__*__project on visual aids [social]
__*__presentation [THE]
__*__oral defense
__*__lecture in noli [aaarrgghh!]

Oh well. I can smell summer. That’s because I just took my bath and had used sunsilk summer fresh watermelon flavor.

Im hardly visibly today in my blog unlike before wherein I bombard this site with faulty writings. Haha. As you have seen above, lots of things to do and they are all due in a day. Haaayy life is so sweet.

Oh twas my berthday last march 14. Im officially sweet hehe!! Well another bittersweet year surpassed. Part of that bitterly sweet memory was my oral defense and I look and actually proved im such a loser big time! Well, it was unfair! We were the only group with a panelist who graduated cum laude in some school. She keeps butting in opinions and questions me as if I had been trialed for multiple murder. Waaahh!! What’s suppose to happen to my grade??

Current mood: an ant’s life

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