Friday, March 30, 2007

The time has come

Eto na… the right time for me to finally say goodbye to my dear alma mater, holy family academy and to all it’s places, events and people.

Graduation is here and so is goodbye.. nakakasad solid na im leaving for good and won’t be coming back.. at least not for a long time… and even if I do return, things would be different then.. I’d be a different person and so will holy family be.

I gonna move on to a different place.. a place that is very new to me. I am afraid of what my decision was but im standing by it. To take on new steps,, to grow and mature. Let go of the clutches of almost everyone and be at my own feet, even if it means im gonna break my heart for leaving this persons who make me life complete. Maybe letting go of this school will also let me let go of all the things or persons that are weighing me down. Sometimes, I think that it won’t be worth it but this is a decision that im sticking to. I really feel that God is calling me to go,, maybe this is His way.. His plan, and im willing to follow this plan wherever it may take me. It’s hard to say goodbye and leave but I must take the risk and breakaway from them and for me.

Goodbye to everyone.. each one of you was a piece of my heart that im gonna leave here together with all the memories we’ve all shared. Goobye.. goodbye..

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