Friday, March 16, 2007

One enchanted night
(this was posted later because of some technical glitches haha..)

Oh senior year prom day is definitely one of the most memorable events in high school. That’s because I had a lot of firsts like:
>first time to arrive on time.. actually not on time but so much early on time!
>was able to criticize gowns like the “bubble skirts” haha. Nice one Jason!
>First to have my photo taken at the booth.. well the first senior fine!!!
>able to photo shoot every person worth remembering (yep, even the stolens and the candids are kasama.)
>the first time to decline someone for a dance, when before I was dying to be invited by him haha.(noe im regretting I didn’t accepted his invite.
>the first time to almost cry on the dancefloor. Haha thinking about it now this is so funny! Well for 2 reasons eh.. 1st is that I was already about to approach this person to ask him to dance with me kaso at that precise moment he was already holding another girl’s hand. Second is that basta, public blog kasi to eh so in short I felt the night was too perfect to be true. (fast forward, totoo nga, too good to be true!)
>the first time to actually trip because of my heels. (I lost my bet to brown… he promised 5k if I could walk properly with them.)
>the first time to dance non-stop for almost 5 songs ahaha addict!
>I finished the entire food on the plate (deserves the Oscars!)

and finally……..

the first time to dance with someone I barely knew for almost the entire night and actually enjoyed it. :) I never thought that the prom was so much better when he was around (at least you know he’s a guy… haha) and like everyone was saying.. everyone was shocked that I was dancing with him.. you know,, it’s weird. Peculiar. Unusual. For me or for him daw. Haha. People talaga. Well, I was surprised myself. Well, at least I can look back at prom and say “oy, masaya ang prom dahil kay *toot*”

Okey.. prom awards II

Most bad-trip moment: best dressed nominees are all juniors! What the heck! Even the prom queen was a junior! Damn you junior teachers!

Most memorable: odie’s messed up lyrics. The best.

Most kilig moment: last slow dances for the night.. whoohoo.. I was like drugged then!! I even remember the songs… “what matters most”, “let the love begin”, “grow old with you” and “how did you know”.

Most nakakasuka: nelson and edralin doing all their acrobatic stunts onstage..eww,,, totally gross.

Most masenti part: the tribute!! But it was kinda dragging eh,,

Happiest moment: when I was asked by someone to dance

Nakakatouch moment: bestfriend najee dragged me to dance and said “bestfriend dapat and first dance!”

Nakakaaray na moment: seeing him dance with someone else. Huhu. I was about to ask him na eh.

Nakakainis na moment: lining up for the food. It took us forrrrrrrrrrever to have ours.

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