Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dirty little secrets!

Finally after a week of sleepless nights and turbulent questioning, my (or rather the school’s secret) has been about who made it on the honor list. It’s hard keeping a secret as big as that because I am getting the feeling that any minute from then on, im gonna slip off. Haha. It was also weird knowing something that only the top people would be given a chance to know while my fellow seniors torture themselves in pondering about it. Hehe. Many are asking why do I know about it? Well, I can’t really speak in details but to summarize everything…. We sat down with sis. Ida for chitchat last week and the meeting looked like a committee looking for a possible solution to a predicament. We exchanged, argued and debated ideas and beliefs over one topic. It was hard because sister was expecting our view or (as odie says) our verdict to help her fathom things. but nevertheless eventhough the conversation’s issue was sensitive and serious, we managed to get cozy and candid. The meeting ended with us writing papers for her and seeking the partial list (very partial). We were even given snacks afterwards! (sayang, it was expired!) After this, I was again called and was shown the entire list na. I was shocked and sister again asked my final say and like what I said 2-4 hours before, I stood by my decision.

Fast forward, I was sitted beside wen and was holding bianca’s hand when sister passed by and said hi to me! funny! And then came the announcements which surprised me no more. Many tears had fallen If I may say and then sister after announcing the list went over and hugged me. and then when we are going to leave na, she again talked to me and asked if I agree with her decision.. and I told her “yes” and smiled. She smiled too and said she enjoyed talking to me then she pinch me on my arm.

“We could be merciful but we have to let people suffer the consequences for their actions”

“It is our decisions, which puts us into whatever situations we are in right now.”

“Judge your success by what you have to give up in order to get it”

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