Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New beginnings

I went to manila (dapitan street to be exact) to have an optical view or visit of my soon to be home for my college life. nyahaha. It’s called Santa Maria dormitory which houses girl borders lang. (too bad! Joke!) well, it ok naman… considering that when I go out of the dorm, I just have to cross the street and the ust gate is right there na.. saya diba? I will never be late for class again!! Uhm..im gonna share it with 5 other people who I hope are very kind and friendly pero the way that I see it naman when I was there, mukhang ok naman sila. Medyo magulo nga lang and makalat… well who cares.. when I come there, baka payatas dumpsite na nun yon! Haha. Yon. Haha im gonna transfer sometime late may or early june. I can’t still believe na finally, im gonna be away from my family and live away from them na!! huhuhu. Im gonna miss them and chikitingz too.

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