Monday, February 05, 2007

It’s February

The I Heart You month… bummer!

I hate valentines because everyone is so sweet and mushy while im an old maiden! Huhuh. With no one to spend valentines with, might as well dream about the nearing end of my high school existence and my existing worries in choice of universities and MY BIRTHDAY! Yipee!! Now, that’s something to look forward to. Im turning seventeen just like my favorite mag harhar!! But nga pala, I’ve told celine that im gonna make a decision regarding my COLLEGE LIFE on or before the 14th of march or simply told… my birthday!! Yahahah. Okey, I know nothing is so joyous about that but I love birthdays, especially mine cause I get to celebrate it! Hehe. Ok ‘nuff said na and I think I should focus on uhm,, I dunno what! Haay, whatever,, nonsense stuffs are starting to fill up this space so im going.

By the way.. I already have a dress for our prom. Talk about “GAGAD” haha wala lang Sharing lang..

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