Friday, February 09, 2007


Two more weeks to go before it’s Unofficially over,, can’t believe it!! Whoa.. but before time… thorns muna!

Im going to uste tomorrow for the interview and I hope I really made it. Kahiya naman kasi after all, this is the school I exerted the most effort. Bittersweet story eh??

Kanina while we were having our DEAR, yung mag was entitled MISYON uhm.. maybe some of you are familiar with this religious mag well anyways, there’s this quote na sobrang na touch ako,,

“love all your life, the good times, bad times, crummy times and ordinary times because that is where we meet god and become who we are. God is a part of our stories and the story of Jesus’ dying and rising is a part of our stories. I accept and treasure the dark times. This is easy to say when one is admiring the stars but not so easy to say when we are in total darkness. Recognizing that we have been in the dark before, we believe that we will be able to see the stars. Darkness can create deeper capacities for insights, connectedness and joy. Sometimes we see the stars quickly while sometimes it takes longer than a lifetime”

wala lang. I just feel better whenever I read the quote.. just sharing.

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