Tuesday, January 30, 2007

You know guys, im so stress out this days,, there’s just too many problems and too many things to either a)think about b)decide to or with c)make do with d)live with it.

Things are so frustrating. This has not been a very kind January for me considering all the bad news I am receiving all at once. I almost felt like crying. Like not being accepted in UP, being placed in waiting list in Ust but passing in ateneo!! Do you get that feeling? I feel that ateneo’s test was the hardest and yet it was only the test that I passed! How bad could that be huh? And UST, I feel so downed knowing I hadn’t make it to the quota. Im so depressed. Miserable. Down in the dumps. Despondent. Dejected. Downhearted. Upset. Wretched. I don’t know what. Sobrang sad talaga ang nadarama ko. Ewan. Hindi naman ako makaiyak. Huhuhu.

The next night.. (which is today..)
I’ve thought that just like celine, I also hit a jackpot! I’ve got a passed, waiting and failed results. Three in a row so it’s not bad. Yaryar! Just trying to make myself laugh.

I just really hope that I would be able to make it.

(talking to myself)
don’t lose hope jacq., battle not yet over.

Im doing my final articles for our last cor-unum in high school *sobs*

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